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    What are the new, features this brings and do you need to buy it again? Thanks,
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    I've only just updated my SM Memplug so I'm sure others will add more, but here's what I've found so far.

    Immediately you will notice a new GUI, whose background looks like its been stolen from Windows. The main screen gives access to the most obvious new features:
    • databases on card, showing how many db's and libraries are in the enabled directory.
    • Settings, which opens the Prefs List list to allow you to control conflicts between PiDirect and your applications. I haven't really had time to play with this but it seems quite useful since you can tell PiDirect how to handle each app. This might avoid the need to manually disable PiDirect before using certain apps
    • File Manager, which allows you to copy apps and libraries to the card. First impressions are that this looks like a more intuitive way of copying apps to the desired directory on the card. It groups apps and their related db's together allowing to quickly select them and move them. It even prompts you to confirm you wish to move read-only db's
    If you have purchased PiDirect you won't need to purchase PiDirect II. However, after you install version 2 of the memplug updater, you will need to re-input your registration code. I'd forgotten mine, but they've got a request form on their website which mailed it to me in minutes.
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    Thanks, just ran the update, seems to be working ok. I like the system info screen, all the pertinent info seems to be right there.

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