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    I have been having problems with Mi:D (the Thai dictionary hack) and a number of programs. Namely, after invoking Mi:D from within these programs (e.g. iSilo v3.1, TomeRaider v2.53, TinySheet v4.11), I get a "Fatal Exception" or something along those lines when I try to exit said program. A soft reset is required to restore my Neo back to normal functionality.

    I notice that when I have Mi:D's dictionary databases stored in RAM as opposed to on my Memplug CF, I do not encounter these problems. Unfortunately, RAM storage of the dictionary databases is not a viable option for me.

    For the record, I am currently using Mi:D v1.9 and Memplug CF firmware v2.00. Nonetheless, I previously have had these problems with Mi:D v1.8 & 1.85 as well as with Memplug CF firmware v1.67 and v1.95 beta as well. As a result, I can't tell if these problems are due to Mi:D or the Memplug's VFS implementation.

    I would appreciate any advice or insights into this matter. Thanks in advance. (I hope I have posted this thread in the appropriate forum. Not sure if it belonged in software or Springboard forum.)
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    MiD has some known problems with program that also use VFS when MiD is using VFS. Hopefully these problems will be fixed soon. For the most part I don't consider it a major deal that TinySheet and MiD arenot compatible, but with Tomeraider and iSilo it can become a problem. It does work with Wordsmith though once I figured out that one has to place the cursor somewhere inside the word rather than select it to have it defined.

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