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    I just ordered a Visor Platinum, primarily so I can access my Verizon Wireless account with a Gomadic Cable. I tried out the Eudora email client a couple months ago and it was a disaster-- the conduit screwed up my Outlook 2000 installation badly and I still haven't remedied the situation.

    What is the best all around PDA email app? Given my experience with the "free" Eudora product I am now more than happy to shell out a few bucks for a decent product.
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    I know the feeling when a free product performs less than par of what you expected. I also tried Eudora, but at around 300 for just the client was a little hefty for me. You may consider trying mMail from HezArts.
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    I too tried the Eudora Internet Suite. I did not have any problems with it but also did not care for the amount of space it took up.

    You should try Iambic Mail. Some reasons for choosing Iambic Mail:
    1. I do not know what datebook application you use but I heavily use Action Names so I tried out Iambic Mail . The integration with Action Names is simple but I like the convience of clicking on a contact and sending the mail.
    2. The setup is easy and I have successfully used it with Outlook (97), Outlook Express, Lotus, Eudora.
    3. I have not checked this but Iambic's website says the application needs 183K of free available memory. Much less than Eduora.
    3. Includes the ability to use multiple email accounts, has HTML stripping, short templates (called boilerplates), and what I think is a nice user interface.

    Currently on the next HotSync, my queued messages are sent out automatically. I just upgraded my Verizon plan and recieved a Kyocera phone and am going to see how it works when I get time.

    I suggest you try out Iambic Mail.

    Leslie Franke

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