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    I gave my daughter (who has AT&T account) a unlock Palm Centro to use for her phone. It worked great for several months and then all of sudden sometime later this week, she could not send or receive any text messaging, cannot make or receive calls. Sending a text message gives her a "An error occurred (256) when sending this message...." Calling another person does not go through.

    At first I thought it was the phone, so I said, put the sim card on another phone, the SIM works fine. I put my TMo SIM card on the Centro and it works fine. I put another AT&T sim card, it does not work.

    I put her AT&T sim card on another Centro, the sim card works, text and voice.

    This has got me stumped.
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    I would back up the phone using NVBackup and then hard reset it. Then see if it works with her SIM card. Just to get another data point. And if it works, you can start restoring her data and apps one by one.

    Good luck!
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    I did the backup and did the hard reset, still not working for AT&T.

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