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    here is my problem: I got Docs to Go pro ver.4.004 and I just received my Stowaway. I tried typing in Word to Go(and I'm DEFINETELY not a fast typer), and it somehow seems very slow, it seems as if it can't keep up with my typing . Anybody knows what to do about that? It is really annoying to wait for the software to keep up. I'm using ver. 1.6 of the Stowaway Driver. Any ideas?
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    I had this problem, and I found a couple solutions.

    - Hacks might be the problem. Turn off all hacks, and see if it helps. If so, turn on the hacks one by one, seeing which hack causes the problem. Most likely (like in my case) it is a battery hack.

    - What Visor are you using? The Visor Deluxe (atleast mine) cannot keep up 100% with the keyboard, though close. For example, your problem is probably

    This is what I type on my keyboard and i need to wait *for this to show up when I am done*

    without any hacks it is now

    This is what I type on my keyboard and i need to wait for this to show up *when I am done*

    - Maybe it is Docs to Go. I have heard (though do not know from experience) that it does not have very good support with the keyboard. My suggestion (for word processing, atleast) - Get Wordsmith from Blue Nomad ( - Its keyboard support cannot be beat.
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    I notice some lag with all of the apps that I use with my StowAway but DTG has the greatest. I have also noticed an improvement after I stopped using battery hack. It is probably specific to one hack, and not hacks in general, in that I have not noticed the problem since getting rid of battery hack despite having 10 hacks running.

    I also have the impression that things improved when I started using Trapweaver with x-master to manage my hacks.
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    well, the only hack I got running is Laptop Hack, and that doesn't seem to effect anything, it's still darn slow.
    I just downloaded the trial version of WordSmith, I'll see how I can live with that
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    The great thing about Wordsmith (as you are sure to figure out soon) is how well it integrates with the keyboard. All normal desktop commands show up with wordsmith, and you can navigate within menus, unlike everything else. If you do have a problem with Wordsmith, they have a Yahoo! Group set up at where the 1,000 users will be glad to help.
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    This was a big problem with Doc to Go a little over a year ago. You would type and type and then the letters / words would appear. Docs to Go fixed this problem several releases ago -- specifically to address the keyboard speed.

    I type 100 WPM and have no problems at all with my Targus keyboard and the application (on a Prism) working correctly. I am using v. 1.5 of the keyboard driver.

    I would say that there must be something with your system, config, etc. that is making this happen. You may want to check the FAQ portion of the Docs to Go website to see if this is address -- or -- call their tech support.

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    I got a Prism too. I read that many people had problems with 1.6 Stowaway Driver. I think I'm gonna try the 1.51 today. I hope it's not the Prism, since I'm on my 4th one already(in 6 month); Handspring must have me on a Black List right now I hope, I get it fixed somehow...
    thanks fro your replies!
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    alright, the old driver was even SLOWER. In Word Smith everything is fine, I can type right away. I now emailed DataViz tech support, I hope they'll have a solution!
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    Was wordsmith any better? If it wasn't, I would not know what was causing your problem. Either it is a defective Prism (have you used the stowaway on any of your previous ones?) or a defective keyboard (hopefully, you still have a receipt and trade it in for a new one)
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    WordSmith is working fine, it keeps up, and also every other aps that I can type in are alright, it's just Word To Go...I hope they will release some update for that soon

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