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    Hello All,

    I installed a fresh New Version of Palm Desktop 6.2 on my laptop. I went to sync it today and I did a restart of my Treo 680 and all of a sudden Launcher X stopped working which was my default launcher. So I did a restore using NVBackup from a day ago and still, Launcher X does not work. It just kept saying that I did not have the proper skin. So I tried using a NVbackup from a few weeks ago and still no luck. Then I noticed that all of my other programs seems to have reset, meaning when I click on them they will ask to register or put my keycode in. It seems the sync might have deleted all of the database that associates all the registered keys.
    So I finally reinstalled Launcher X and got everything squared away. But now when I go to sync, it syncs everything but Calendar and Contacts. What is going on? So maybe I thought it was the Palm Desktop installation. So I restored my laptop to a previous image before installing Palm Desktop and installed a new fresh install. Synced and everything still syncs except Calendar and Contacts. Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix this?
    I noticed when I installed Palm Desktop the first time that there was a page during the installation that asked for permission to download latest updates from the internet and you had to click the box if you wanted this and I did. I have a feeling that when I synced it the first time that something was downloaded which altered something. Could this be the cause?
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    Quick observations:

    • Apps getting "reset" - saved / unsaved preferences were corrupted.. must reload these from backups

    • Calendar and Contacts not synching -- do you have EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) aka Push Email on?

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