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    Ok, let's start at the beginning:

    I had some issues with my 680, whenever I had my internet connection configured my device would freeze randomly even if it was in my pocket doing nothing.

    I heard that this could be owed to some corrupted files and performed a Hard Reset (the kind that erases all data), the problem persisted.

    Recently I heard about what is called a "zero out reset", I got these instructions after chatting with palms live web support, I would post the page but I can't just yet as I'm missing 10 posts.

    I followed them to one exception, since the 680 doesn't have a reset hole I removed and reinserted the battery. (I pressed the power button and the up arrow, while doing so I preassed the sync button on the cable that was connected to the 680 and to nothing else on the other end, I removed and reinserted the battery).

    The device went dead and the power led lit up red instantly. It has been so for the past 30 minutes. There was no sim card inserted in the device, I have since then not removed the battery.

    I understand a zero out reset should take no more than 10 minutes... did I kill my device?

    after an hour I got tired of waiting and simply removed and reinserted my battery, the device started like nothing had happened, no zero out reset, not even a hard reset... I still want to give it a hard reset, any suggestions?
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