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    I have Treo 180 and have GSM service thru Voicestream. How can I get online and check email?

    Can I use an isp like earthlink?

    If so, are there specific settings that I should put in to "make it work"?

    I tried putting in my dial up # and yada yada no luck.
    (sorry about the yada' many Seinfeld reruns:-)

    Or maybe do I have to get the istream thing going on?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Use the 'Configure your Treo' app in the Handspring folder. This will walk you trhough setting up your Treo to use Earthlink (or any ISP) for getting on the web.

    Let me know if that helps, if not I can try and provide more details.

    I'd like to get iStream when it becomes availble for Treo as waiting for it to dial-up anytime you need access is a pain.
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    Handspring has a wireless number that you can acall anytime to get help..toll free. Check out their support site for the number.
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    The trick (one of them, at least) is to make sure you have data services active on your account (which is different from iStream). If you got a new Voicestream account, it should already be active, but if you have been with Voicestream for a while, it might not be.

    The normal customer service people can forward your call on to their department that specializes in data services - they can help to troubleshoot your problems.


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