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    Anyone know of any good cases for Treo?

    So far Handspring ( and Krusell ( have one. The Krusell case looks more functional.

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    Do a search. There are many posts on this topic.
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    The Krusell case is rather bulky but it's better compared to ones by Handspring (IMHO)
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    casetech has one looks better then any case out there for treo also lots of postings for the brookstone case which is more like a pouch which holds the treo very snug
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    Originally posted by fkpalm
    casetech has one looks better then any case out there for treo also lots of postings for the brookstone case which is more like a pouch which holds the treo very snug
    Actually, it's CaseTechWorks
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    Just got myself a Krusell case because I wasn't sure about the CaseTechWorks Treo case cause the picture on the website was too small.

    There are some minor problems with the Krusell case. First, it blocks the infrared port and makes it harder to access the power button at the top. That makes switching on the wireless mode and turning on the backlight a tad difficult too.

    Anyway, I am starting to get used to it ...
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    imho, those are two deal breakers for me. At the very least, the IR port should be open. The last thing I want to do at a PUG meeting, or wherever, is to have to keep taking the Treo half way out of the case just to beam something. I sure hope the CaseTechWorks case thought about that.
    For the power button, do you just press it through the case material?
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    EB isn't coming out with a case for the treo?

    I can't wait for the 270, but with out an eb case to go with it . . . I just don't want to think about it. :-)
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    just received my case from casetechworks and it is a lot better then i thought it would be. i have had cases from eb and vaja this is very compatable. fits very snug is a regular case not a pouch gives protection all around has a plastic sleeve for front so you can still see who is calling.cut outs are perfect for charging does not prohibit use of any buttons stlyus slides out easy does not effect the headphone connection.the only negative i have is that the clip does not lock it swivels
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    Do you have to take the Treo out of the Casetechworks case to use the charging cradle?
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    dont have a charging cradle but yes you will have to remove case if you use the cradle
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    I just got the Treo case from Case Techworks. I have to say I like it better than the Krusell case, if only because you can take off the front part and basically use it as a harmless way to hang the Treo from your belt. This offers little protection for the Treo, but it's less "unnatural" to use in this condition. Putting the flip cover part on offers a little more protection by covering the window with another window, and basically protecting the face of the Treo, but it does need a little stretching out, and the flip cover sheath makes it more difficult to press the app buttons on the Treo. It's a good case, imho, for those who want some leather on their device. My main gripe is that the clip button is right smack in the center of the back. As such, the Treo doesn't actually HANG in any one position, but can end up upside down and sideways just from moving around. They really should move the button up higher on the back so that it hangs like a belt clip case should.
    I'll try to get my **** in gear and take pics and post a review of it. Until then, there's some good pics of it in the photos section of the Treo Yahoo! Group.

    Oh yeah, I just tried putting it into the cradle with the Case Techworks case on, and it won't connect. It doesn't go down far enough.

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    I just got the Treo II case from CaseTechWorks. One thing I noticed right off is that the case is designed for the keyboard version of the Treo only. I have the 180g. A plastic strap goes right across the Graffiti writing area. I will try the case out for a few days to see if I can deal with it.
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    Someone posted this on another forum. It's reminiscent of the StarTac plastic holster.

    In case you can't find the link on the website:
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    You might want to check this before buying

    Case Techworks + the Cradle

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    I just got mine yesterday and I gotta agree. Its a pretty good looking case and it certainly gives good protection from scratches and nicks. However, there isn't any padding and, worst of all, it won't fit into the cradle (which I almost broke trying to force the issue). Nonetheless, I'll probably keep mine to use occassionally when I know that I won't be hot syncing in the cradle for a few days. I just question how long the case will hold up to being taken off and on repeatedly since the leather is very thin.

    I guess the search for the perfect case continues.

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