I work with a lot of clients in wheelchairs with a wide variety of needs, however- many have a real use for a way to show them the time, date, upcoming activities, and other information.

Many of these clients have laptrays on their chairs, and the trays are just covered with notes, reminders, schedules, small clocks, and so on.

I would be looking for a program that would help them clean this all up.

Ideally, it would show a sort of 'slideshow' of the time/date, immediate appointments/to do, upcoming appointments/to do, and customizable screens, with a touch to the screen interrupting the sequence and allowing the user to tap through the screens ot the one they are looking for, then either go for more info, freeze it, or start again.

Also ideally, the program would use the data already stored in DateBook, ToDo, Memo, and so forth so there is a hot-sync conduit so it can be updated on the PC.

The next step is to create a mounting cradle that can run the device off of the wheelchair batteries (two deep cylce 12 VDC batteries) while holding it nice and securely.

I am not a programmer, but I am certainly available to help anyone who might be interested in taking up this challenge. With the right set-up, it might be a good commercial offering as well (sort of an automated desk nameplate or info center!)