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    I'd like to use categories in my datebook to identify and separate different types of activities - appointments, business trips, vacations, etc. Then I'd like to be able to print monthly calendar views using only selected categories.

    I've been testing DatePlan for a calendar type view, and have been testing Datebk4 for its use of categories. But I'm stumped by the ability to then print out those monthly views with only certain categories.

    The Palm Desktop software datebook application doesn't recognize either categories, or the ability to provide calendar views (i.e., shaded bars across dates, rather than discrete time-based appointments).

    Anybody have any suggestions? Would syncing with Outlook provide a solution? Perhaps one of the Palm Print applications?

    I'd rather not create standalone calendars separate from my datebook - but I would like to have my summer months in calendar view, with those vacations clearly highlighted!

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    Originally posted by gandoe
    Would syncing with Outlook provide a solution?
    If you're a fan of Outlook, yes. You can use its "filter" feature to customize calendar views based on many different criteria, including categories, and get printed results.
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