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    Ok, here's the dilly-o. I got me a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan (when they changed the design from boxy to curvey . I want a way to mount my Treo in the van somewhere with the following caveats:

    1) I don't want to glue a "theclip" style button to the back of my Treo.

    2) I don't want to glue a mounting bracket to my dashboard (unless I absolutely have to for the best solution)

    3) I want to be able to reach the Treo and have the headset plugged in while driving AND not have it against my knee (like in the lighter socket) or blocked by the gear shift or whatever.

    So far, the best suggestion came in a private message from PaulPenny. He suggested "theclip" vent mount phone hanger thing (I've also seen them with Belkin brand). I'm so far leaning toward this solution, but the only thing holding me back is the fact that the only way to use it is to mount a clip button or a metal plate (for magnetic mount) to the back of my Treo. Being able to avoid putting things on my Treo is paramount on my list of preferences.

    So, does anyone else have any good recommendations for hands free in car use/mounting of the Treo, especially those that don't require sticking things to the Treo.

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    About a month ago I was in Staples, and they were selling a bunch of Palm 3rd party software and accessories at give-away prices. For $2.00 I got a generic PDA/phone holder that has a suction cup (good kind with the lever to apply a strong suction) attached to a short flexible gooseneck attached to a holder. The holder is a flat platform with sidearms that squeeze against the sides of whatever you place on the platform.

    The suction cup sticks to the windshield, and you can bend the gooseneck to position the PDA to where you need it. The Treo fits pretty well, but I don't think the sidearms would grip it well enough to prevent it from falling out on a rough road. But I suspect with a little modification one could devise a better way to secure the Treo (maybe just a rubber band around the whole thing).

    This is the kind of generic holder that you might find in Walmart or an auto accessory store, as well in Staples or similar. It's worth a try.
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    "Happy are they whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned"

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    What part of "Being able to avoid putting things on my Treo is paramount on my list of preferences" did you not understand? :P
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    I thought maybe you thought "theclip" button was too big/bulky and maybe velcro would be more low key. I was using the "phoneclip" (velcro) as you know and the cool part about that was that you could still put it a holster/case.

    Trying to keep the sweet gadget clean and unattached... I can respect that.

    Sounds like you still don't have the "first scratch"

    "Happy are they whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned"

    Romans 4:7
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    first scratch? Yeah, I got one. I got that while prying off the metal plate that goes with a magnetic car mount thing that didn't work for crap that I promptly returned. The magnetic part worked OK, but the mount in the car was floppy and useless.
    Still, if I can avoid it, I will, which is why I posted this thread, hoping someone will have something to share.
    There's a "jaw" style car mount that I like, but it's just barely not wide enough when fully open. I can cram the Treo into it, because the pads are thick, but it's not as easy as it should be, and exerts quite a bit of pressure on the sides of the Treo, such that I would fear for the Treo with prolonged use. :\ Something like that, but wider, would be ideal for me.
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    I finally found the vent clip mount that I've been looking for. It's made by Belkin. Here's a link to the item on their site:

    I've also attached a photo of the mount in my Caravan and with the Treo on it. While it lists on the Belkin site for like $14, I got mine at Staples for less than $10. And yes, I did have to stick something to my Treo, but it's the flat metal plate instead of the button. This is easier to hook into the mount than the button is, and it's flat enough not to interfere with my leather case (once I make it ;-)

    While I was looking at all the phone and PDA accessories, though, I noticed something a little pricier that other people might consider. It's a suction cup mounted PDA holder that uses padded pressure clamps to hold the PDA in it. This is the same thing as many cell phone holders, but it's wide enough to actually hold a PDA, including the Treo. I would have gotten one, but it was $25, and I wanted to see if the Belkin vent clip mount would work for me first. The Samsonite one comes in different variety mounts, such as directly sticking to the dash (or wherever), or sticking to the dash but having a 360 degree swivel in the middle, and finally the suction cup mount that has a short goose neck from the holder to the suction cup. It also comes with two plates if you can't attach it to a window, one that mounts with adhesive, and one that can screw into the dash. I had a pretty good feeling it wouldn't work real well on my window, and didn't want to stick anything to my dash, let alone screw them in. Anyway, for those interested, it's branded Samsonite, modem GXM 807G. I was unable to find pictures of this product anywhere on line, so hopefully those interested will have a Staples near them to look for the items in. These were with the PDA accessories.

    Hope I've helped someone. I think I'm done, except for making my case (though I'm always on the lookout for cheap cases to use in the mean time).

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    Looks good, but I don't have the heart to stick anything to my treo. Not only does it add bulk, but it will interfere with a plastic holster whenever we get one. I think I've seen generic 3rd party visor clips that kind of just cradle the phone, has anyone found one of these to work?
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    The metal plate that helps the Treo stick to the magnet in the mount is pretty flat and I don't see it being a problem for most cases. But, with the kind of clip/holster you're talking about, it might, if the holster is designed to hold the Treo with the face out and back to the clip. Still, depending on how it's designed, a plastic holster might still work with the petal plate on the back of the Treo.

    As for such a holster for the Treo, I haven't seen one, but I'm certain one will be made by someone, if not Handspring. I'm sure that once one is released, or even made news of, there will be messages posted to this board about it.
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    i have a universal car phone holder from radio shack that works real well with the treo do not have to attach anything to the treo it mounts on the dash has room to charge phone and no problem using head phones
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    So you're saying it mounts with a magnet? I will NEVER do that, they have the potential to potentially destroy the hardware. I used a magnetic mount with my last cell phone and afterwards the phone would never stay on for more than 30 seconds, it would just die. Luckily I did this the day after buyig the phone and I just exchanged it pretending that it was always a problem. But I don't plan on getting a $600 device with my LIFE on it anywhere near a strong magnet!
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    no magnets on the radio shack mount attach to dash board and adjust the side settings holds treo secure
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    Here's THE site for custom mounts

    VSM's are perfect base mounts, then you can use any type of holder for the phone/pda.

    I've used them for years and they are fantastic. I refuse to drill, screw or velcro things to my dash and these are the perfect solution.

    BTW: The magnet mounts work well, depending on the type of phone used. No problems with audiovox, but the screens will not work when used with a starTac. My only fear is what happens in an accident?
    Good Luck.
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    Yes, it mounts with a magnet, but not a strong one by any means. Without the metal plate on the back of my Treo, it won't hold at all. The magnet is recessed from the surface of the mount, and the metal plate on the Treo has a thin layer of that foam double-stick tape stuff between it and the Tre. The metal plate is probably about 1/16 of an inch away from the Treo. When the metal plate fits into the recess in the mount, it is attracted to the magnet that is in there. If it were the magnet alone holding it, I don't think it would hold very well, but the fact that the magnet is recessed means there's a "wall" that keeps the metal plate (and hence, the Treo) from slipping off the mount. I'm not worried about this magnet at all, and I don't think there's any reason to worry.

    Mounts that use a strong magnet, strong enough to *pull* the Treo to it when it gets close, with no other way of keeping the device in place, should be avoided, IMHO, just like you avoid them.
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    Originally posted by jberger
    Here's THE site for custom mounts
    VSM's are perfect base mounts, then you can use any type of holder for the phone/pda.

    I went there, and they do look great. I especially like the ability to have the bracket mounted in a good location without putting any holes or adhesives on my dashboard. But, as far as I can tell, you can't use "any" type of holder at all. The VSM basically is just a piece of bent metal with holes in the right places. As specialized as they are, I'm not willing to pay $35 just for that. Then, you still have to purchase the actual mounting/holder for the device. All I saw in their products pages were holders that used standard swivel clip buttons. If your device doesn't have a button on it already, you still have to stick a button to your device. It looks like their mounts might still even have magnets built into them. Now, if their PDA holder was a clamping holder instead of just another button hanger and button to stick to your device, it might be a better solution for me. As it is, I'm no worse off with my vent-clip mount solution, and I've saved a TON of money (I didn't check the prices of their holders, but I'm sure those are at least another $20). All they really need is more variety in holders. They have a ton of brackets, but the holders all rely on there being a button on the back of the device you want to mount. :\

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    I got an Arkon vent-attached universal pda mount, and I've been pretty happy with it so far.

    Here's the url:

    o You can flip the lid up while it's in the mount.
    o It has a stylus of its own, though I rarely use it.
    o The adjustable top and bottom grips slide to the side to make room for the antenna at the top and the car-charger at the bottom.

    o It doesn't grab the treo, even in its fully compressed state. I had to buy some foam tape to extend the reach of the grips.
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    That uses the same method of clipping to the vent as the Belkin one does. I like it, but I hope I never have to remove it, because if I do, I'm sure the clips or my vent will break.
    I'm liking the mount I got more and more as I use it.

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    Originally posted by fkpalm
    no magnets on the radio shack mount attach to dash board and adjust the side settings holds treo secure

    Is this the one you got from Radio Shack? Universal Holder . Does it hold the Treo snug enough, or do you have to worry about it on rough roads?

    It looks like they also have one that attaches to the vent: Vent mount holder.

    They're cheap enough, I'll probably give one of them a try.
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    thats the one i have no problem with it the sides push in the bottom is open so treo can be charged i drive 120 miles a day never had it fall off
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    I just came from Radio Shack. I'm not positive if the one I saw was the one on their web site or not, but whatever it was it was not wide enough to fit a Treo. In fact, they had several different holders, but all of them were too narrow. Obviously made for skinnier cell phones. The salesman had several of them out of the package and we made sure that the Treo wouldn't fit.

    Fkpalm, is yours wide enough to fit the Treo? Maybe I just need to order the one on line and take a chance that it's not the same as the ones I saw in the store.
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