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    Hay there,
    Got my European Treo (900/1800) from Singapore. It's from the older release (the one with PhoneBook 3.5H2).
    LOve it :-D.
    I am dying to get into programming for it, and unleashing some of its power.
    I will stick with main and do all updates necessary, (like we all did with windows 98).
    However, I came across a very nasty flour. When the Treo was in standby for several hours, I got an incoming call. The Treo rang, vibrated ,displayed the caller ID and turned the backlight on. Then after three rings, it freezed. No button function and only a soft reset cured it. Posting on my local forum, I got confirmation of the bug.
    Can any European Treo user (like the ones bought at Hong Kong) confirm? Did the new release fixed these bugs?

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    Hi there,

    I have a Treo bought in Hong Kong and could not reproduce the freeze you mentioned. However, I do note that if I have hacks activated and when I have launched a program when there is an incoming call, my Treo will mostly hang.

    I think this is more a matter of the hacks more than the Treo itself. I use TealMaster to configure all hacks off when the Phone Book activates and this seems to solve the problem.

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    Yes. I'm having the same problem with a Treo 270.

    Call comes in. Phone rings and vibrates (I've got it set to do both).

    Push the button on the already plugged in headset does not answer the phone. After a couple of rings, the ringing stops, but the phone keeps vibrating and the screen is frozen.

    After a minute, it seems to recover.
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    I get these freezes too, in Canada. if I'm doing stuff and a call comes in, but I'm busy typing or tapping, the call will be ignored... hopefully sent to the NO ANSWER call dirversion.
    Often when I receive a call from a ISDN voice line like in the Universities, upon receiving the call the Treo freezes.
    Is there such a thing as power input/output for an incoming call? Too much/too little power freezes the device...?
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    Word is Ringo can cause that. Do you have it?
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    I am in Latvia, LMT GSM.
    I have same problem - GPRS works fine, but every 1 to 2 hours phone goes to NO SERVICE and searches for network. I cam make calls, but nobody can call to me - they hear 1 long signal and busy signals then. No reactions on treo.
    I can resolve this problem only with power button to turn OFF and ON "Wireless Mode". I wait for next version of GPRS upgrade. Have any other ideas???
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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    Word is Ringo can cause that. Do you have it?

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