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    just got my treo 180 from amazon. actually 2 weeks earlier than expected. i chose the free shipping method and they still sent it 2 day.

    can anyone tell me which software programs are a must or simply cool? also is there an easier way to get to the main screen from the applications other than pushing the blue dot and the home button? i thought that the stylus should be able to send me there from within an app.

    also any way to change the voicestream ringer to something cooler?

    i downloaded geeksounds, but that seems to only affect the alarm.


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    Let me be the first to say: get Switcheroo!

    It's a hack, so you'll need Hackmaster or X-Master or the like. It's the most-useful thing I have on my Treo so far.

    I also recommend Buttons-T or TreoButton, and although I don't use it, a lot of people seem to like PowerJOG for Treo.
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    I'll second TreoButton. Absolutely.

    Most Palm OS devices have four buttons which turn on the machine and start applications; the Treo, effectively, has ten (Four buttons plus alt-buttons for eight; open the shield and depress the rocker switch). Unfortunately, native Prefs only allows you to overwrite four of these switches. TreoButton lets you specify the other six. With Peanut Reader and this, I'm able to turn the Treo on and page up and down through an open document without having to flip open the screen protector.

    Another one I found useful is e*Mail and MailStub, which work together to allow the Treo to synchronize with a desktop email application.

    Another bit of freeware I assigned a button to is Today. This gives the user a good, fast overview about the day's schedule and tasks.

    I personally like WorldMate, although it is not freeware, because it adds the ability to synchronize the Treo's internal clock with an atomic time server. Assuming that this feature works as advertised, I'm surprised at the accuracy of the Treo's internal clock -- it seems to drift less than my wristwatch.
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    -TreoButton: better than Buttons-T because you can choose the Contacts application if you want to, which Buttons-T won't allow for some reason.

    -Switcheroo: great app switcher, better than EasyLaunch for launching apps on a 180, but if you have a 180g, get EasyLaunch.

    -Ringo: lets you copy and move sounds to/from your alarm and ring tone database, so you can use all those geeksounds as ring tones if you want. You can also create new sounds with a keyboard interface (from PocketSynth).

    -PowerJog: for more functionality without ever having to open the flip lid. Still a little buggy, though.

    -X-master: the hack manager of choice for the discerning freeware advocate.

    Keep your eye on McPhling. Good things are happening, and a new release will put it on the hot list for Treo must have apps.

    Also, John (and everyone), did you know that the mail app and conduit comes with the Treo? Yep. I discovered after having a hard reset and running the "Configure your Treo" thing to set up wireless e-mail. If you choose not to install the One Touch application (and even if you do) you can still install the old mail app to sync with your desktop mail. Check your Palm Desktop folder for "Configure your Palm Mail." That program will install the original Mail application and the mail conduit if needed so that you can sync mail with MAPI compliant e-mail apps like Eudora. with that you won't need e*mail or MailStub (though e*mail is a little better than the standard Mail app).

    And, if you don't already know about HandyShopper, you should try that out. Not because it's a must have for Treo users, but because it's a must-have for all Palm users. ;-) A future release of HandyShopper will have better support for the Treo jog wheel and other cool new features.

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    How do you invoke Switcheroo on a Treo 180? I must be stupid but I cannot figure it out - I tried pressing space and a letter assigned to the app but to no effect? The Switcheroo doc assumes you have the Palm Keyboard and not a Treo.
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    does the doc for use with the palm keyboard say *just* space? No, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it says Option+space. Give that a try. Works for me. When I hit the option button and the space bar (not releasing option until after I hit space), a little word "App:" appears in the bottom left corner. Then I hit the letter I want and the app for that letter launches.

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    Idail seems to have a good thing going, it isn't free but $6.95 never killed anybody... especially a Treo owner.

    I dig it!

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    PowerJog - Caution here---fatal error problems with option (...) key
    Ringo with GeekSounds -- create ringtones from the geeksounds midi database using Ringo.
    Eudoramail for email.
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    ok, got ringo working with geek sounds and now i have some really cool ringers.

    idial- doesnt seem to work in all apps.

    powerjog- i dunno if i downloaded the wrong version but on my treo is mentions clie a bunch and i cant get it to do anything.

    treobutton- have not found a good use for yet.

    switcheroo- ditto.

    i would love an app that when i use the stylus i can quit the current app and go to another without pushing option home.
    any ideas?
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    PowerJog must be the PowerJog for Treo version. The "regular" version was written for Clie and won't work on the Treo.

    TreoButton - if you like always switching to the phone speed dial screen when you flip up the lid, and you like all the current button and option+button assignments, then you don't need it. If you'd like to customize those actions, then run TreoButton and make some changes to what YOU want those actions to do (like None for the flip lid so that whatever the last app used is what comes up when you open the lid.

    Switcheroo - if you don't mind hitting option+menu to get to the apps screen, then scrolling and tapping to run an app, then you might not need this. If you would like to be able to launch up to 26 applications by pressing option+space, then a letter you assign to the app you want, then this hack is for you. It's very nice to go directly to an app with less work than going to the launcher first.

    if you have a graffiti Treo, then McPhling, EasyLaunch, and several other hacks will be much more useful to you.
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    Thanks for the switcheroo tip, I dropped Easy Launch and was able to use clockpop again! woo hoo!

    btw: yardie: exactly my setup, though I finally ditched powerjog. I don't miss it all that much...
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    I've got a 180 but I miss the graffitti, so I need something like CIC's Jot or (vastly cheaper) RecoEcho, which allows you to write graffitti on the screen even of the keyboard model.
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    RecoEcho is ok, but I liked Screenwrite better because it could handle punctuation much better than RecoEcho. In case you missed it, that was in the past. I don't use either now. Why? Because I found that the only time I ever used it was to prove to myself or someone else that I could still write on the screen. It was still much more convenient to use the keyboard. The only thing I needed the graffiti area for, for real, were the silkscreen buttons for using EasyLaunch and McPhling. With Switcheroo, those are no longer as needed, and without the silkscreen buttons, they were almost useless anyway. While there might be some people out there that simply must use graffiti, installing a hack like Screenwrite only caused more problems for me than it solved. The problem it was solving was no longer needing to be solved anyway, but on top of that my system was less stable and it made using some applications more difficult because of the need to tap and hold for Screenwrite to allow me to do anything but write graffiti on the screen.
    To each his own, of course. If graffiti on screen is a necessity, try out Screenwrite.

    As for EasyLaunch with Clockpop, the trick is to not assign any EasyLaunch things to the button you use ClockPop for. I had used them both happily on my Vx for a long time.

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    So, 2-3 weeks from now the 270 should be arriving. From this thread I will be installing TreoButtons , andswitheroo .

    I guess switheroo takes the place, for me, of launch Em hack. Right? Switcheroo looks old (hasn't been updated in almost a year. Does it have color support?

    Would Ma Treo be a replacement for clockpop hack?

    BTW, I use x-master 1.4.1.
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    Color support should be kindof a non-issue with Switcheroo - since the only time you really interact with it visually is in one setup screen to assign keys to apps. From then on it's just keypresses (with a little prompt that pops up momentarily in the lower left corner but that you really ignore...).

    It's not like you'll be using it constantly like a graphical launcer...

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    must have apps:
    1) AlarmMaster w/ Ringo
    2) Cell Plan
    3) QuickChat
    4) TreoTools
    5) VSAlerts
    6) B'Alerted
    7) Swicheroo
    8) Buttons-T

    Still debating between:
    and Mailer from ElectricPocket.

    Once I get the 270, then I'll tell you what other Color apps
    are needed.

    There are other apps out there that I think are not worth it.
    They either do the same things that you can do out of the box (except you don't have to go the "phone Options" menu)
    or cost money when a cheaper (sometimes free) alternative is available.

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