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    I see a lot of overlap between the three Treo forums. Does anyone else think they should all be lumped together?
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    If anything, they should be more sharply divided. I think the overlap stems from the fact that right now, "general treo" and "treo 180" are basically the same thing b/c the 180 is all there is.
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    Personally I find visorcentral's posts to be more and to the point for some reason. You would thing treomb would be more on-topic but I find VC to be a little better.
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    jwardwell, I was referring to the fact that there are three different Treo discussion areas here at Visorcentral. The problem I have is that the same topics come up in the different areas. And I don't think the different Treo models are so different that they deserve separate discussion areas. JMHO.
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    Ah, I see. I don't think they should be integrated, I think people should just start using them properly, and the moderators need to start moving topics to the proper forums. A lot of this stuff should be in support. Accessories like holsters should be in that forum. Only a few things that don't have their own topic should fall into general.
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    Why I remember back when all we cared about was "I wonder if it will have..." "when will it be out" or "where the heck is my Treo." Now things are getting quiet and we must be running out of subjects.

    I think the Board is set up just fine. Has every one has had their Treo long enough to get bored so soon?...

    Do we need a new gadget already?

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