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    I thought I loved my Treo, but that was last week, before the first one failed, the replacement was non-functional, and they told me that they're not going to do anything about any of this for a week.

    This weekend, the phone part of my Treo stopped working -- I couldn't get a phone line anywhere. When I called Handspring on Tuesday, they admitted that it was a hardware problem, apologized profusely, and said they'd ship me a replacement immediately. The replacement did arrive today, but it is completely non-functional -- it can't be charged, much less made functional.

    I was a little irked when I called Handspring to discuss this, but my irritation turned to anger when the evasive young woman with whom I spoke sais that I wouldn't get a replacement for "1 to 5 days." Under the circumstances, I insisted on talking to a supervisor -- Adam "I can't give you my last name" at x21588. Adam told me that, contrary to what the first person had told me, there were NO Treos shipping for at least a week. (I didn't ask him why he'd failed to give the young woman this information, but it does strike me as a relevant question. Her statement was quite misleading.)

    When I confonted Adam will my expectation that there were some Treos to be had and that I considered my situation -- not just one, but two lemons -- to justify one, he (1) acknowledged that there were Treos available if one got in touch with the right people, but (2) said that all he could do for me was send me to his supervisor -- who he was not permitted to name -- who would get back to me in about 48 hours. Needless to say, that's not a very reasonable response to the two lemon problem.

    I cancelled my old cell phone service when I got the Treo, so now I'm out of luck -- I will have no cell phone for at least a week. I'm still considering whether I need to treat this as a failed experiment and return the Treo all together -- but given the contract structure, that would leave me with obligations to my new cell phone service provider. (I switched providers so I could use the Treo.) Not a happy choice.

    Before you switch to the Treo, think hard about whether you can go a week or more without your cell phone. If not, you'll probably want to wait until Handspring gets it act together or choose an alternative device that is less problematic.

    Good luck.
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    Now that I've started using my earbud to get rid of the echo problem, I discovered that the earbud button doesn't work, so I have to replace my Treo. I'm worried what the replacement will be like, and when it will arrive.
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    When I got my 1st visorphone I had that problem. I am somewhat dissapointed that Handspring has not overcome some QC problems. Don't get me wrong - i had my Plat and Prism upgraded to 16 meg and sent plenty of $$$ on hard and software, other companies have been able to overcome these hurdles in producting a PDA Phone. rr

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