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    (I responded to a post in the Prism forum, but am reposting here with a related question.)

    Yup, I'm a proud owner of a shiny new (well, refurbed) Prism. I love it. In another week I'm going to be wondering how I lived without it. And yes, I'm glad I went with the color.

    I've been going crazy trying out software. I've settled on TinySheet for spreadsheets, and so far, I like both WordSmith and FastWriter. FW doesn't seem to have a spell check, though, unless it's in the full version. I d/loaded Iambic Office, thinking that would be the full version. I did notice that FW seems to support more formats than WS.

    Since I don't do a lot of word processing, and I think that TinySheet works better for my purposes, I'll probably go for Iambic office to save a few bucks.

    The big question is choosing the PIM software, the reason that I bought the Prism in the first place. I like both DateBK4 and ActionNames. They seem to overlap in a lot of areas, but no so much to make it a snap decision. DB4 has tons of options ans settings, and I really like it for scheduling flexibility. OTOH, AN will let you jump into a datebook format, set alarms, and link a name to an action. It's more like ACT in some regards, while DB4 is more like Outlook or Organizer.

    The only thing that I'm not crazy about is that if I go with DB4, then I'm locked into using the Palm Address book, which limits my sorting options (I have close to 1,000 contacts). OTOH, grouping within AN is a bit slow anyway, so I might not use it that often.

    Anybody have any thoughts on which one to choose? WHat are *you* using, and why?

    Thanks again!

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    Action Names vs Datebk4: it's a never-ending debate.

    There have been some very well-argued, reasonable and interesting discussions on VisorCentral over the years that present a lot of good points on both sides. I've put pointers to the three most recent ones below:

    I think they're all fairly balanced discussions; however, while I'm a Datebk4 fanatic, I've never used ActionNames -- so I can't comment personally.
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    Yup, just as I figured - there really isn't a good answer. deja-googled the comp.palm groups for the same question, and I saw dozens of An vs DB4 debates, with pretty much the same result.

    I looks like a Ford vs Chevy, Coke vs Pepsi kind of question.

    I don't mind the complexity of DB4, in fact, I enjoy finding all the features and playing with them. AN has a few neat things, too, and it seems like it might be less customizable. But I've found that once I'm into the rut of a piece of software, i just use it and don't change much after the first month or so.

    Well, it's only been a week. I probably should not be using both of them at the same time, I should probably use one or the other for a month. Of course, I'm afraaaid that after a month, I'll be so entrenched that I won't bother to check out the other one <g>.

    Of course, if it's working well for me, then what's the problem?

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    I use DB4 too but I suspect you'd be happy with either. Why do I use DB4? I tried it and it seemed to meet my needs. I intended to try AN too and just never did. Maybe I'll take a look. Also it's one of the best supported apps I've ever seen. If you decide to go with DB4 you might want to look at TealPhone.
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    I started with DB4 (registered version) and really like it.

    Tried ActionNames, and liked it better for obscure reasons, so I registered it and use it now.

    I cannot specify why I prefer ActionNames, but I do. Like you figured, it is a pretty personal choice.
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    I've always felt that Datebk4's greatest strength is it's massive flexibility; you can pretty much set it up to work "your way".

    However, this can be it's greatest weakness as well; you have to dig into the documentation to figure out what you can do, and how you will do it. If you just want to start using the product from the get-go, I'm not sure Datebk4 is the right choice. (However, maybe others have learned Datebk on the fly.)

    Luckily, the documentation is very good (it has to be), and the support from CESD is excellent.

    Datebk4 and BackupBuddy are the two applications that I use the most (and depend on).
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    "And he died like he lived: with his mouth wide open."
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    I lie Action Names. It has a lot of nifty features and there is no learning curve. the whole thing is very intuitive. You shouldn't have to read a manual to use a program on Palm devices.

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