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    Hi All,

    Has anyone seen Handstory ?

    It seems to be just like Avantgo. There have been lots of threads around regarding Avantgo going belly up or ending up on

    Has anyone seen / used Handstory? What is your opinion? Please discuss.
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    I just glanced at the site. Thanks for pointing it out. If the program is as polished as their website is it may almost be worth the fee for the program. I'll post my impressions after I use the trial...
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    Great! i'm sure we'd all love to hear your impressions. I'm leaving for my trip very soon other wise I'd test out the software myself.
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    I purchased Handstory 2 days after trying it. Like it a lot.

    Becomes memo editor, image viewer, web browser all in one, and very efficiently.

    Can copy to the clipboard, and then convert what is copied to the clipboard to Handstory - text or image.

    I hate to spend money on software, but am satisfied with this one.

    Would definitely recommend this software, even tho the ebooks are not available just yet from handstory.
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    Interesting... looks more like an iSilo competitor than anything.

    I'm still using AvantGo instead of iSilo because I didn't want to have to go through channel configuration just yet -- AvantGo has it all set up. But dietrichbohn's thread about replacing AvantGo with iSilo has got me very interested in trying it out, when I have more time.

    Given that I'm very satisfied with WordSmith as a doc/memo reader (particularly given it's hi-res support for the Clie), and iSilo's excellent reputation, I'll probably give iSilo a try first. But this certainly looks like an alternative.
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    I was quite annoyed that this software took it upon itself to redefine my "memo" button to open itself. Of course, they did this "for my convenience." ugh.

    i sent them a nasty letter tellling them to keep their hands off my preferences, thank you very much... and the letter to bounced. i resent it to and that bounced too.

    their manual is pretty gawdawful as well.

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    Agree about the memo button. They shoulda just 'asked' if we wanted to change the default. Not keen on that type of thing being done automatically.

    I did have a minor problem, sent them an email, and got a very quick, professional response.

    Their manual does suck, but the program is really very handy.

    I use QuickOffice, but find that I prefer using Handstory for memos, and then it also views images, as well as web pages. Just handy having one program for all.

    Not a perfect program, but am happy with it for the most part.
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    Seems pretty decent. Works faster than AvantGo. But any channel with Images gives me a message saying it only works with a color device...
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    Have you gone in to 'manage clips' and changed the settings for each clip to '16 greys' or 'do not convert images' ? Might solve your problem.

    BTW, really like the control it gives over hotsyncing. Install only, backup & install, sync all, etc. Very handy feature.
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    Downloaded the software and currently evaluating...

    So far, so good. Must agree that it syncs a little faster compared with AvantGo. Furthermore, the app doesn't take as much memory. And, since it can effectively replace a doc reader and image viewer, it can conceivably replace two other applications, making even more room for other stuff.

    Going to play around some more...
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