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    I recently got a Gameface for my Visor Deluxe - it was 1/2 off at Sam Goody, ($12.49) and it was their special weekend where you get a $5 gift card for every $25 you I got a CD also. I'm glad I found this deal...the Gameface is a cheap piece of plastic not worth $40 or $25 (their previous prices) - but for about $10, it is a nice buy.

    So I am wondering...what games are the best for the gameface? I know all games that let you customize the buttons CAN be played...but I am wondering what are the BEST games. Right now, I am playing Gobble, Tetris Classic, and Zap!2000 and all work great.
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    I like SpyHunter and Siberian Strike. Jumpman would be on the list but you can't customize the buttons.

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