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    get it here:

    When you install you will find that it asks for permission to over-write a previous version (version 2.6.3 in my case). If you say Cancel it will not install the OS X version. So I had two folders with the same Palm Desktop 2.6.3. One on the root level and one in the OS9 Applications folder. It found the first one and I said OK to upgrade the 2.6.3. Nothin else in the folder was touched. When it was finished installing it asked if it could over-write the second version 2.6.3 (in the OS9 Applications folder). I Cancelled this one. The new OS X works fine and the older 2.6.3 one is still available for use in Classic.

    Without BackupBuddy and AvantGo I'm still using WindowsMe for backups however. Nice to know we're getting closer on the Mac OS X front.
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