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    I currently use Yahoo! Intellisync to sync my contacts, calendar, todo lists, etc... to the web.

    But there has been some talk in the Nokia newsgroups about FusionOne.

    Has anyone used it? What are your experiences w/ it?

    Pro's? Con's?

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    I used it and I liked it. No problems at all and very simple, then they started charging for the service. I dropped it at that point.
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    I used the service before I got my Platinum. After that there was not any real reason to use it.

    Why are you wanting to sync to the web? The reason I had been was to allow me to have access to my info when I was away from my desk. When I got my PDA, I really did not have a need for that anymore.
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    ah, I was not aware that it's now a fee service. Nevermind then.

    I love having my data on the web because there are times when I need to access data and I don't have my pda with me. Also, I'm never at the same computer all the time so having my data on the web gives me a "home base" to put my data on.
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    I have used this service for quite some time, but probably not the way you were considering.

    First, there is still a "free" option. The "free" version has the restriction that it only syncs your 4 basic PIM functions (Date, Addr, ToDo, and Notes) and does not allow you to sync individual files, etc. that the pay service does. Another "restriction" is that the free version will not "auto-sync" at pre-defined time periods like the pay version will.

    Ok, now for how I use it. I only use it to sync up my MS Outlook systems between my work and home PCs. I do not try to have it sync up my PDA. My PDA syncs with my work computer/Outlook. Then my home and work Outlooks keep in sync via FusionOne. This works out quite well. I realize that entries I make on my home system don't get synced to my PDA until after I sync at work, but that is how I normally work anyway. This "single chain" of syncing also avoids lots of duplicate entries and the whole problem that syncing to multiple workstations can cause. I also find it a more efficient way of keeping my Outlooks in sync, rather than using my PDA as a transport between the two.

    Overall, I wish I had taken up FusionOne on their 'cheap" offer for the pay service when they were first going over to the pay model. It's not that they charge a lot (I guess that is relevent to how much you value the service and the time it saves), but the deal they originally made was really nice. Now I have to remember to do my FunsionOne updates each day on each side, or at least when I think there is enough changes to justify doing it.
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