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    1. Anyone successful at using Treo Mail along with Exchange?
    I can't decide between that or using blazer to access mail viw webmail(it works).

    2. I used to be able to forward specific messages to my motorola 280 on istream with no problem using the outlook wizard feature.
    This doesn't seem to work on the chip I have from my Visorphone even though it is configured for pingpong messages. When I send an email to my treo I can get it within a minute or so, but the forwarding doesn't seem to work any more.

    Any ideas why its working differently?
    Will Treo Mail solve the problem?

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    I'm using TreoMail with exchange - works pretty well for me, other than it's NOT sending SMS messages (seems to be a common issue with many Cingular customers). I'm using Exchange rules to forward urgent messages to the treo so I know that I may want to manually sync TreoMail to see the whole message.

    I've also used Outlook Mobile Manager, but couldn't get it to send multi-segment emails for some reason.

    HOW are you using webmail? What webmail application is your company using - Outlook Web Access - or something else? I haven't been able to use OWA with Blazer because it uses Javascript...

    My company is doing a trial of Cingular's Xpressmail service (which use's Seven's technology) and it works very well with treo...

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    I don't know how but I just go to our website on Blazer and login.( I have it as one of my hot buttons)

    Blazer doesn't support frames so I get an error message but if I select views I get my messages. I requires some patience and alot of scrolling so that's why I'm interested if the treo mail solution for corporate email is a viable option. But I would require the SMS notification. As I said it's funny that I can get SMS if someone emails me directly to my phone number, but my outlook doesn't seem to be able to forward incoming messages to my cell number. It does on my iStream GPRS 280.

    Otherwise I'll just stuggle using the 9600 baud connection to the web until Treo GPRS is available.

    To be honest this works better on my iPaq connected to my GPRS motorola 280 (istream). You need a hack to make the pocketPC IE look like IE 5.5 to the server and another to flip the screen horizontal and compress the image to support 480x640.
    it's an endless search of temporary joys

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