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    Has any had to have their treo fixed yet? If so,

    a) what was the problem
    b) do you send it in than wait for replacement, or do you get a replacement and send the old phone back?


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    er, twice now.

    both were casing issues. The first had a loose SIM card door, so it would drop out of wireless service. The second had the connection on the bottom get a little loose, introducing dust and pocket lint to the insides of the treo causing buttons to get touchy.

    the third is rock solid. I treat them fairly well and I haven't heard about anybody else having case issues, so i think it was just my bad luck.
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    Do they send you a replacement, then you send back origional? Or do you have to send yours in, and be w/o a phone into the new one/repaired one arives?

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    oops, sorry. Thus far, they're sending the replacement to me & I'm sending the old one back only after I have the new one. I don't know if that will be the same a few months from now, though...
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    I returned my Visor Deluxe twice and my Treo once.
    The little bugger just wouldn't stay in my shirt pocket when I bent over! 3 ft to smooth concrete resulting in a wobbly headset jack.

    1) Carefully troubleshoot your problem. Test different elements, reset, remove 3rd party apps, et cetera to be sure it's the unit.

    2) Call Handspring Tech Support (716) 871-6448 and tell them what the problem is and what you did to check it.

    3) They generally will do a little more troubleshooting, but on Treos it seems pretty cursory. Keep the early adopters happy.

    4) HS confirms your shipping address and other vitals, including a credit card number.

    5) HS sends a confirming e-mail with RMA and incident numbers and ships the replacement, arriving in about 2 days (more than 4, call them again).
    You have 14 days to return the defective unit or they charge your card (natch).

    6) Sync the old critter, then charge & sync the new. Twiddle the new one for a day or so to check the fix
    (and enjoy having a Treo in each pocket!).

    7) The shipping box is very slick and reusable. Put your first love in the casket and call Airborne to haul her away.

    That's it- relatively painless and hassle free. Just make sure you've isolated the problem and can explain that to Handspring.
    This was what I did with the Visor, too. I don't think the process will change, except that right now all Treo replacements are newnewnew.
    Down the road they may shift to remanufactured/reconditioned.

    Hope that helps!

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