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    I for one find Launcher III very good. What about you all? What third party launcher to you all perfer to use and why you choose that one over others out there?
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    I use launcherIII because i like the tabs and the looks. But then again, GoBar feels like Wind0wz...and im used to that. Also, LauncherIII supports my im happy.
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    Same here. I've been very happy with Launcher III. Maybe because I'm also running my Prism with a Smart Media Memplug. I have 128mb of storage and with the Launcher III, Apps can directly run from the memory card aswell as able to sync Apps from the memory card.

    A good place to get informative info on this is
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    I have tried Megalauncher (registered version), and Silver Screen (demo version), and many others (TealPoint's version, Mobimate's version, etc.), but...

    I actually use and have stayed with Launcher III, even buying the new version.

    I like the overall look and functionality, the gadget tools, the small memory demand, the VFS and MemPlug support, the simplicity, etc. I REALLY like

    Only pet peeve is the color- Silver Screen just plain LOOKS so much cooler! You can set page backgrounds to colors, but then so many of the icons are set on a white square that it just looks odd to me.
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    I used Launch 'Em for a while -- very similar to Launcher III, but with a few more display features.

    However, Launch 'Em didn't (at the time) have any VFS support; and it had a couple of problems in tandem with other programs. So I switched (on recommendation of folks here) to Launcher III.

    I've never looked back. Launcher III is a really, really intuitive, useful, fast and darn near bulletproof application. I'm really happy with it.

    Yup, it's not glitzy.... yet. The new version, Launcher X, looks (from the veiled screenshots) to be really snazzy on a high-res color screen.

    As long as they don't make it any less reliable, I'll buy that upgrade in a heartbeat.
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    Here is the home site for LauncherX. They have some shots of it. Its really nice.

    Check it out HERE!!!!!
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    Originally posted by gmlasam
    Here is the home site for LauncherX. They have some shots of it. Its really nice.
    Well, it looks really nice -- none of us have had a chance to try it yet.

    Given that it's built on Launcher III, we're assuming it will be pretty high-performance and solid. And the pictures on the web site look great -- but pictures are all we've seen for 2 months.

    However, as mentioned on the LauncherX thread at VC, we are looking forward (ever forward) to the release of Launcher X.
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    "And he died like he lived: with his mouth wide open."
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    I like Launchem and MegaLauncher. Launchem is like Launcher III but has more features and look better. MegaLauncher has some powerful utilities built-in such as an archiving utility to save space on your unit.

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