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    I need a new stylus for my treo, but neither amazon or handspring have them. Does anyone else carry these things?

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    I'd like to know this too. I dropped mine from about 4 feet on a hardwood floor and the handle end broke off. I couldn't believe it.
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    My stylus rolled off a counter onto a hard slate floor and the top snapped off. Not very well made!

    No sweat, I thought. I'll use the $10 credit I got for registering my Treo and order a 3-pack from Handspring. It will only cost me $5. WRONG! They want $8.50 shipping to send 3 styli that would probably cost them $1.50 to mail.

    So, who will be the first to offer a better replacement stylus for the Treo? I'm their customer.
    Bill Spencer
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    My problem was "solved" when I had my Treo replaced due to the echo problem. The new Treo still has an echo, but at least I have a new stylus.
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    First, I droped mine also; superglue and pressure and it was right back to service (then I scored an extra with a phone replacement )

    Second, I had found a stylus on the ground one day (pre-Treo) and began fooling around the other night with it. I tried it out in the Treo with the Treo's tip and handle on it. The stainless portion of the stylus is 9/16" longer than the stock Treo one.

    It is so sweet! Now just a little over a 1/4" is sticking up so you can grab the thing instead of prying it out. So much quicker and easier!

    My suggestion is to cruise down to the office supply store and see what will work, you just might like it more than the stock one.

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    pssst... the styli are now available from Handspring...
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    had the same problem my stylist fell on floor and snaped the head waited 3 weeks to get my replacements from handspring i received them this morning, now i have two extras in case it happens again

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