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    Is there a palmOS program that will let me control a powerpoint presentation using the IR port on my Visor and the IR port on a Laptop? I have to give a presentation in Art class tomorrow and I think it would be mad slick if I could pull it off. The school uses IBM Thinkpads that have the IR port. I have Docs To Go but I havn't seen anything about outputing a signal to the IR port. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks in advance!
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    If you had a normal IR remote you could program your visor with omniremote to work like the IR remote. I guess it's just doing the same thing but it would impress your classmates.
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    There is a program called SlideShow Commander which turns your handheld into a mouse to control PowerPoint presentations. It also lets you draw on the screen while presenting. I think that it requires a cable or using you cradle, however, and doesn't work through IR. I am not certain of this as it was more than a year ago that I looked at the software. (I could never get it to work through my cradle). You might want to check. I ended up with a Presenter-to-Go module instead.
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