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    I would like to be able to make and modify ms word, and maybe even excel files onmy visor. Then, using a wireless connection(lets say cellphone via IRDA or cable) email them as attachments?

    See, i'd like to be able to work or edit my assignments and then email copies to my account so i can print them up on the schools library computers..

    Is anyone already doing something similar?

    what is the cheapest combo of software i can use?

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    You can if you are using Multimail. Multimail allows you to attach files from your visor including text, csv, excel, and a bunch of other file extensions. How useful that is, though, may depend on what program you are using. When you go to attach the files, it definitely recognizes Wordsmith and Minicalc files, for example, but with PDB extensions, so I am not sure whether the person receiving them could read them on a PC. I would think that they convert to rtf/csv files, but I haven't actually tried it. It may also be possible to work around the problem by exporting the files to a text or other readable format.

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