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    Not sure if this is a bug or not, but with the newer Treo i just got (the one with PhoneBook 3.5H4), I get strange behavior when using Buttons-T.

    I have the jog wheel button set to display the clock when I press the wheel and the lid is closed. In my older Treo (with PhoneBook version 3.5H2 and using TreoButton) when I was on the speed dial or contact list, I could press the jog wheel and dial the selected number. Now it seems that pressing the wheel dials the last number dialed, not the selected number.

    I switched back to TreoButton and everything went back to normal, so I suspect the problem is with Buttons-T.
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    I'm having a slightly different bug. It seems the OLD buttons preferences are overriding the preferences in my buttons-T. So for flipping open the top and pressing the rocker buttons-T works (because the old prefs don't have it) but for the other four buttons I have to change it in the old preferences.

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