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    Another Treo button changer is out, supposedly written by a member of the Treo development team. Check it out.
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    Works great; thanks for the tip. I've deleted TreoButton. At this point, it's purely an esthetic choice-- they both do the exact same thing. The only differences are:

    1) This has the pretty little button graphics that the normal Buttons prefs screen uses, and

    2) It's installed right into the Prefs app, so you just pull down the upper right menu and immediately after Buttons is Buttons-T.

    Very clever and unobtrusive.
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    Using treo button you can select contacts as a choice but on the buttons-t you cannot.
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    Oops-- you're right. Sorry, good catch.
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    Does Buttons-T (odd name) have the app menu PowerJog has?
    I haven't loaded it yet.

    The one complaint I have with PowerJog is that I can't edit the menu.

    I'd like to control the things I want on the first page.

    Impatience makes you UGLY.
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    No, it only assigns apps to the hardware option-buttons and jogdial-press, as well as allowing you to choose what app is launched when you flip open the lid.

    I assume it's called Buttons-T because it controls the Buttons on a Treo.

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