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    Well, Eudora has been acting weird with the treo 180, doubling up the caps key and crashing with the ... key. no good.

    now this
    >Hi, I've discovered some compatibility problems with the treo 180
    >(keyboard edition). The problems relate specifically to the
    >keyboard... Eudora AND the treo try to automatically hit "shift"
    >after a period, resulting in a caps lock. Eudora also cannot handle
    >the "..." button, which the treo uses to access special characters.
    >In the text field, it simply brings up a help box, and in the
    >address fields, it crashes the PalmOS entirely.
    >Can these issues be resolved so I can continue to use my favorite
    >PalmOS email client? I would be happy to beta test any patches or
    >revisions you come up with.
    >-Dieter Bohn
    >Do You Yahoo!?
    >Get your free address at

    Unfortunately there is no email support for EIS 2.1, you cantry and
    send an email to
    time to give onetouch another try.
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    OneTouch does not authenticate when sending messages, IOW, no Yahoo!

    ...luckily, my U of MN server doesn't seem to know the difference between the two so long as I'm logged into their ISP...
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    Oh well, Eudora is free, after all, and I do remember that their download page specifically said that they don't provide support. You're lucky to get it working at all. I never did. Kept saying that it couldn't connect to my POP server. Same thing with EudoraWeb, couldn't connect with anything but AvantGo could.

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    well, I'm back to eudora. the bug doesn't seem to be specific to it. ah, well.
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    I *knew* it would only be a matter of time before you are back. Eudora is just superior to everything available out there right now. All we need is for it to auto check for emails. This will be handy when GPRS becomes available.

    Originally posted by dietrichbohn
    well, I'm back to eudora. the bug doesn't seem to be specific to it. ah, well.
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    hi men! on my VisorNeo/Visorphone combo, onetouchmail never worked correctly; when i first tried eudora, i finally knew what a STABLE and STEADY program is! the same, for me, is true for eudoraweb, too. i launch it at first (it's SO fast), and if i want to see more than plain text i switch to blazer2 without disconnecting and see plenty of pictures. i didn't install the two eudora conduits, i'm so happy syncing with datavizmail! this setup is perfectly stable on my combo, and ALL the commands work properly. i think eudorasuite has a good part in it, 'cause blazer1 and browseit didn't make me happy too, avantgo was fine but quite unstable and tapliner didn't work at all. perhaps this will work on the treo too! by the way, does anybody know how to download .pdb files directly on a Visor?? byebye everybody, this is my 1 message at all. sorry for my english...
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    Welcome to the boards. Your English is just fine. i could undersatnd every word that you said .
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    tnx, yardie! you're so fine, make me write a lot and you'll see some BAD syntax mistake... (i am a self-learner). anything to transfer data from a browser cache to a Visor app? i'm trying to make my VisorNeo self-standing; i would like to download .doc files, from for instance, directly on the device, and read it with palmreader or doctogo for instance. is it possible?? i'm thinkin' about an app combo, something like a browser, a reader and some kind of data mover. can u help me??
    ciao a tutti, bye everybody!
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    There is a browser called PalmScape which allow you to save a browser cache and view your cached pages off line. You can do a search for it at There used to be a browser that allow you to download pdb and prc files directly into a Palm OS device..but it is my understanding that this browser is no longer supported and will nto work anymore. There might be another one though. Search the boards for "browser" without the quotes.
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    tnx yardie! sure i'll do. by the way, both blazer & eudoraweb have their own cache, the task is to transfer the content to a reader. time to post a new thread?? i'll think. ciao! (sent from the Neo using blazer2)
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    Originally posted by yardie
    There used to be a browser that allow you to download pdb and prc files directly into a Palm OS device..but it is my understanding that this browser is no longer supported and will nto work anymore. There might be another one though. Search the boards for "browser" without the quotes.
    Browse-it used to allow you to download files directly to your PDA but the company that produced it has discontinued the proxy server for it so it doesn't work anymore. I really liked that browser. Unfortunately, despite looking I have been unable to find another Palm OS browser that allows you to download files. If you find one, please let us know!
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    Search for LGet at this may be what you're looking for, i don't know if it is any good i couldn't get it to work...
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    Has anyone tried Tapliner? According to the Handspring Add On & Accessories Catalog Vol. 6 that I just received in the mail it is supposed to work just like a PC based browser. I looked at the web site (Tapliner and it does have a free trial period, but it is huge (2.5 mb). I'd have to delete a lot of stuff to give this a try. If It is really great I might try to swing it.

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    hi g_scream, i've tried LGet; on my Neo it works correctly, but it doesn't recognize most of .pdb files i've tried to download from it usually says 'file name error' and downloads only the page feature table; i only was able to download (and read) simple files like 'palm source exhibitors' and only one heavier file, that palmreader wasn't able to read (but it was a .pdb file. why?). perhaps i only have to get it work typing the right file name, but what is it if it isn't the url of the page?? i'll keep on telling my experiences, hoping someone is interested.
    about tapliner: i buyed the cd in a store, but it seems to me that it lacks the program files: only 1kb each, and i wasn't able to get them installed at all; i only got the manual ( a sort of an empty box intended to be filled online) and another mystery file that crashes when i attempt to open it.
    ciao a tutti, bye everybody.
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    I hope everyone who posted to this thread still reads it--it's OLD!

    Anyway, comlac was looking for a browser to download palm files. Browse-It is still the way to go. Yes, yes I know they no longer support it but WHO SAID YOU HAVE TO USE INTELLISYNC'S SERVER? Check this out:

    All you need to do is find another server to use and plug this into the options->server secion from th pull-down menu. While reading some old forums I came across WebToGo, a German program based on Browse-It. After you plug in your information, download, install the files on your device and tap on the set-up program, all is sweet. The username and password you use to sign up on the website is transferred during the D/L and then put on your device.

    Now comes the good part. Of cousre you wouldn't want to dial a European country to use the Web. So just use any existing US (or local, depending where you are) based ISP, dial them up, and use the server specified in WebToGo! I currently dial into my Prodigy account and use WebToGo's proxy server--it works just great!

    ThinModem comes with a copy of Browse-It so I just copied the information I supplied to WebToGo into the Options menu. It seems you can do this with any proxy server--all you have to do is sign up.

    Speaking of signing up, you can do so at WebToGo here. Be aware that the sight is in German, but you should be able to figure it out.

    Good Luck!
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