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    I am planning to write a package that runs at three places
    - on a web site
    - on a kiosk at a customer site
    - on a PDA (Palm OS to start)
    There will be at least two levels of capability (most users probably won't want their PDAs filled up with all the features, I know I wouldn't).

    It seemed to me that Java was the programming platform to start with even though I am a C++ programmer (Visual C++) for the last 6 years and am just starting to learn Java.

    1. Is Java the best solution?

    2. Should I write the PDA software in C++? I have read some of the literature on Java for PDAs and it doesn't really look encouraging. Am I reading the correct articles?

    3. Should I write all of it in C++? I think I can get past some or all of the multi-platform issues by using the Abstract Factory pattern (Design Patterns by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, and Vlissides).
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    Stay with C++. Easier to work with in multiplatform development.

    Plus, it's the language you know and work with.

    JAVA was intended to be a multiplatform language that did not pan out. Especially with Sun and Microsoft taking potshots at each other.
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    I really thought that doing it in Java would solve the multiplatform issues better than in C++. That was it's raison dettre (or however it is spelled).

    I wanted to know a new language. That has some plusses for my marketability.

    I don't know that Java is dead. I still see just about as many Java as C++ positions in the want ads.

    Seems like I am the bug this week.
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    Java is nice because it works so well across platforms but unfortunatly teh only java vm available for the palm os platform is waba which will not provide the true portability you're seeking (probably will require programming a separate version of your program just for palm os). However you can still write 1 version of the program and have it work on almost every other platform.

    If you want speed and power go with C for palm os. Very similar to visual C++ programming that you're used to.
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    What would be majorly badazz...

    If you could make a java app that worked along with OutlookExpress And I could view my E-Mail from a webpage!

    Like The Java Edition of VNC works.
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