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    Does anyone know which spreadsheet program is fastest? I am currently using Minicalc on my Prism and although I love the features I am getting pretty fed up with the performance. Any feedback on this would be helpful.
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    Sheet to Go (part of Documents to Go) is extremely fast - much faster at opening even small-sized sheets than QuickSheet.

    The only problem is that Sheet to Go is not very good for altering existing sheets - its main purpose is to let you view and edit data on existing sheets.

    For example, I can edit cells of information in existing sheets all day long, every day, really fast, but if I try to insert rows, or change formulas, forget it.

    So I keep both on my device, and I seem to get along fine. Quicksheet for brand-new ones, or for heavily modifying ones that I'm just developing, and Sheet to Go for daily inputting.

    Good luck!

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