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    Upgrading AvantGo 3.3 to 4.2 caused a problem. After running the AvantGo setup, the procedure was terminated with the following error:
    "Error Number 0x80040707 Description: DLLfunction call crashed ISRT
    VerGetFileVersion Setup will now terminate"...

    After a long search I discovered the cause. Since my Palm Desktop data is stored on another partition on my harddisk than the Palm Desktop application itself, AvantGo seemed to missed this link. I took the folllwing steps to solve this:

    1. In Palm Desktop (Tools, Options, General tab), I moved the Palm Desktop data file to the Palm Desktop application folder.
    2. I installed AvantGo 4.2 again. This time without any problems...
    3. After the AvantGo installation was finished, I rebooted the PC and relocated the Palm Desktop data to its previous location on the other partition.

    Maybe this can help others who experienced these problems.
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    I am using AvantGo 4.0 build 941 - what is the difference between this and the new 4.2 build 11xx?
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    Honestly I wouldn't know...Before version 4.2 I had version 3.3 installed on my Visor deLuxe. Because I switched to a Prism I needed a color suported version. AvantGo only supports color since version 4.0.
    I also noticed that Mobile Link (in v. 3.3) was replaced by an application called AG Connect, which basicly does the same as Mobile Link.
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    Yep -- but there's one problem that I continually have now that the AG Connect conduit is on my Palm. I sure hope someone has a solution:

    - Whenever I do normal synching on my laptop -- no problem. But - when I do a dial-in synch from my Prism (dialing in using my Thinmodem) - the next time I hot-synch with my Mac the Hot Synch tries to re-install all of the programs that are sitting in my backup folder on my laptop. I have to stop the 're-load', remove the old software that's been installed, and then re-hot-synch. Then it will work.

    But -- everytime I'm dialing in from my Prism and do an Avant Go modem synch I get the same problem the next time I hot-synch with my laptop. Every time.

    Any suggestions?


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