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    FYI, here was my experience in ordering my Treo 180 from the Handspring website:

    2/13/02 - ordered (9:30 a.m.)
    2/13/02 - "order received" status
    2/27/02 - email rec'd re: Voicestream service approved
    2/27/02 - "preparing order" status
    3/6/02 - "shipped" status
    3/8/02 - rec'd Treo

    3 weeks, 2 days

    - enjoy!
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    My experience :

    ordered sunday march 10 at 9pm (handspring uk website)
    received tuesday march 12 at 10 am (in Belgium)

    less than 48 hours !!!!
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    My experience...

    Got a slightly later train than normal to work, so that when I went past the Link store (UK mobile phone shop) it was already open... On a complete whim, thought I'd try my luck - asked the guy if they had any treos in and his response was "errrr - what's a treo" - as I turned round to walk out, the manager said "wait a sec - I think they arrived in this morning's delivery..."

    Total elapsed time from decision to having it in my hands: 4 minutes 23 seconds

    10 minutes later I'm sitting at my desk at work - my new treo plugged in and syncing up - sent my first email and sms by 10am - everything hunkydory as they say here...

    (Just fyi - I bought this as an upgrade to my existing phone - no faffing around with new servcie contracts - payed 299 all in, and transferred my sim from my old phone to the treo)

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