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    Is there any way to change the appearance of the phone directory? Is there a way like on the VISOR to show 1 name and the WORK or HOME phone and nothing else for that person?

    Brown, John
    Smith, Joe 000-0000

    Like this
    Brown, John 999-0000
    Smith, Joe 000-0000

    It is tough to see many phone numbers the way mine shows the numbers.


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    There is not, so far as I can tell. While the "addressbook" app does show up in Z'Catalog, I can't figure a way to run it--it may not really be "there." I don't know. At any rate, except for 3rd party apps, there is no way to display the addressDB data any way than what handspring gives you in "contacts."

    This bothered me quite a bit at first, but I think I'm ok w/ it now. you can get to any name quickly and easily--I think my desire to have more names on the screen was solely born of a desire to not feel so alone.
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    Hmm... well if it's in Z'cat then it's one of two possible things:

    1) it's the full app, but marked hidden or not launchable. Since it's in ROM, there's no way to change that. :\

    or 2) it's a "skeleton" app that's there only to make sure the conduit runs so that the database is synchronized so that Phone Book has something to look at.

    The only way to "fix" it if it's #1 is to get a ROM editor and change the attributes for the app... but the Treo (supposedly) does not have Flash ROM, so even THAT won't work.

    Are there any Launcher replacements that can see hidden apps?


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