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  • Screw that, I'm sticking with AvantGo. And it's free.

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    Well, with all the hoo-ha about AvantGo, I decided it wasn't worth the space (though, curiously, I didn't lose any channels). I took a look at Plucker, thought it was ok, and decided on iSilo instead.


    Why iSilo 3.0 whales on everything else I've tried
    1. Size: It has a smaller footprint. The documents are reduced too. Want graphics: you can choose page per page, greyscale, bw, color, or none at all. Same with Link Depth, as deep as you want.
    2. Easy Automation: iSilo for Windows to set up the channels, iSiloXC to have them update nightly. It's not as dead simple as AvantGo, but it sure is easier than Plucker (for now, we'll see what I think when I'm not running a windows box)
    3. Channel Customization: Each channel becomes its own document. No homepage to configure. You can delete channels when you're done reading them.
    4. Navigation: iSilo has back, forward, page up, page down, and % of a page navigation.
    5. Scrolling: the Autoscroll is still not as clear as CSpotRun's (nothing is, IMO, and I can't say why..), but clear enough and handy. You can also customize the behavoir of scroll buttons, jog dials, screen scroll buttons...
    6. Custom Views: Whatever you want, from straight BW up to the max your PDA can handle, be it Handera or Sony's monster-color. like the scrollbar, keep it. hate it? ditch it. Same with the top and bottom toolbars.
    7. Speed: yep. She's fast.
    8. Expansion: Ok, this doesn't apply to me since I use a Treo. But iSilo can install directly to expansion cards (though I don't know about visors... may not be there...).
    9. Categories: Put your channels in categories.
    10. One App for both Documents and Web sites.
    11. Copying: easily copy text, whatever portion you want.
    12. Button Customization: Set up all your buttons (including Handera/Sony's jog push and back.. and hopefully soon also for the Treo) to do what you want, scroll, next page, autoscroll toggle, bookmarks, back, forward, etc.
    13. Bookmarks: Insert bookmarks in any document on the fly. You can also just "mark" a location for faster returns.
    14. Screen Regions: The screen is split into 4ths, each region can be set to dragging scroll, page scroll, line scroll, etc.

    ...phew! That about does it.

    The not-so-good
    1. Custom content: AvantGo hides their channel links and some are just unavailable to others. I can't find the NYT frontpage or bookreviews. I had to sign up for Salon Premium and do their daily download to get it.
    2. Link Depth: Somehow, even channels designed for avantgo get screwy. Slashdot, for example, gets hella-big when I set link depth to 3. when i set it to 2, no comments, so no point.
    3. Not a Browser: well, this is a plus for me, b/c I've got a browser in ROM and therefore I don't need another. but still...
    4. Easy Channels: Hunting for channels is a PITA, especially when you discover that you're just not going to find them. Your only friend in this endeavor is the site: tag on google.

    All in all, I probably have shaved close to 3/4 of a meg of space off my PDA. I can't say for sure since I stupidly didn't check to see. and I'll be damned if I'm going to install AvantBloat just to see!

    kewl, no?
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    AG still does what I want, and moving from a VDX to a Treo, I don't care much about footprint, I've got RAM to burn!
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    I'm a registered iSilo user, and I use it to convert and load a few odd pages that I regularly read. But Avantgo is a really easy and stable program, so despite the memory it hogs, I'll keep it around.
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    I remember getting turned on to AvantGo and I thouht it was great. I had it on my Deluxe, then my Prism and finally on my CLIE. Lately I found I almost never synced it. I even had the conduit turned off.

    When I upgraded to XP I never installed the Desktop Client and finally deleted it from CLIE. Gained some RAM and have not missed AvantGo yet.

    Never tried iSilo, or any of the alternatives. I just never found anything compelling enough that made me want to sync it everyday.

    Personally, I would much rather have the space.
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    AvantGo is still the best and most seemless solution out there. I use ISlio for specific documents..but I can't see myself using it to view news like I do with AvantGo.
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    Each program I think has their place. Avantgo is great for content that you want updated everytime you sync or close to every time you sync. However, there are some sites that get updated once a month or I don't really want updated and I just want the one time content. This is iSilo's place. That way you cant put stuff on an expansion card without adding tons of time to a hotsync.

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    Originally posted by volcanopele
    Each program I think has their place. Avantgo is great for content that you want updated everytime you sync or close to every time you sync. However, there are some sites that get updated once a month or I don't really want updated and I just want the one time content. This is iSilo's place. That way you cant put stuff on an expansion card without adding tons of time to a hotsync.
    I have ISiloXC scheduled to update my set of channels once a day--I may set it to twice. Works like a charm.

    I imagine it wouldn't be that difficult to program a conduit that ran isiloxc. It's a very simple command line interface,
    isiloxc -x dailyisilo.ixl
    ...seriously, the only thing I miss are a few custom pages that I can't seem to find/get access to.
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    Already there with ya, man.

    When I first heard about the announcement, I started looking for alternatives. I soon realized that I would lose the ONE channel that I actually DID read regularly (Jeff Kirvin's Writing on Your Palm). The others that I read every-now-and-then would stay, but they weren't priority.

    Of course, I never did stick around long enough to see if it actually disappeared from AvantGo, but the news prompted me to finally do the upgrade to ISilo 3.1 (I had forgot I registered ISilo 2.x, and I ALMOST registered twice after seeing what a great job they did on the upgrade).

    I love it, although I do believe that I now use up MORE space with ISilo than I ever did with AvantGo ('cause I'm syncing full-color images and rather graphic intensive pages now that I can. They look great on my T615C).

    My favorite new thing to sync (it's 2MB, though) is the Del Rey's Digital Writing Workshop for SF & Fantasy Writers, and it does great with ISilo's support for HiRes. It's almost like a Fantasy/SciFi Story "Magazine" with new stories every day.

    Considering that I use my PDA more for "creative writing on the go" than standard PIM stuff, having this sort of resource at my fingertips is just . . . COOL!
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    Maybe I'll fiddle around with iSilo in the summer but AvantGo is needed to survive STudy Halls...
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    Originally posted by Techie2000
    Maybe I'll fiddle around with iSilo in the summer but AvantGo is needed to survive STudy Halls...
    I dunno, dude... I've got it working fine with all the old channels I had except for the NYT... I can only find their WAP version which isn't quite as complete. Plus you can get ebooks on avantgo--anything older than 1900 has lost its copyright and you can probably find it online. I'm telling you, iSilo kicks.
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    Thank you, dietrichbohn!!

    I've been a registered iSilo user for a long time. But, I hadn't been using it for web-syncing; in fact, I hadn't really been using it at all since it didn't have an auto-scroll feature.... or so I thought!

    Thanks to your tip, I see that the long-awaited auto-scroll is now available in 3.1 (I couldn't believe it hadn't been added during the great 3.0 enhancement.)

    And, thanks to your tip about iSiloXC, I now know how to make web-syncing a not-to-painful thing.

    So, after a bit of hunting with PliNkIT! and trial/error in adding directories such as "/avantgo" to various URLs, I'm able to get almost all of my old AvantGo content (everything that's *really* important to me). And, in so doing, I've also been able to eliminate some of the *fluff* that came with the default AvantGo channels.

    Bye bye, AvantGo (I was getting tired of your memory-hogging, unreliable ways)!!
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    I was going to start another thread but this is basically the iSilo thread anyway...

    I've got iSiloXC running under Mac OS X. It says that it downloads, converts and saves the sites but I can't find them anywhere. I've tried using both the hotsync and file tags to specify where to put the pdbs, but no luck.

    Has anyone tried this with OS X? Is there a trick?


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    I don't have a Mac, so I can't check this out; but... here's how I solved the same problem when I first installed iSiloXC on my Windows machine.

    Per the iSiloXC readme:
    "Assuming you have installed iSiloX, it is best to place iSiloXC.exe in the same directory so that it has HotSync(R) functionality. Without the supporting files included in the installation of iSiloX, iSiloXC can not queue converted documents for installation during HotSync(R)."

    Needless to say, after moving the iSiloXC executable to my iSiloX directory, things have worked perfectly. The PDBs (previously un-findable) are now placed in my Palm Install directory (and, hence, are installed at the next HotSync).
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    Thanks LizB, but unfortunately there is no iSiloX for the Mac. I tried it in a few locations within the Palm Desktop folder, but no luck.

    I guess my best change would be if anyone has successfully used iSiloXC under Linux since there both Unix platforms.

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    Zapp - just noticed there's an iSiloX beta for the Mac...
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    Thanks for the pointer LizB!

    iSiloXC still doesn't work but I now have iSiloX for downloading my websites and that seems to work just fine.

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    First,I think both do serve their separate purposes. I love them both. Now for the stupid question. How do you set Isilo to view documents as tables? I've read the manual and I thought I was doing everything it says, but I have yet to figure it out. Could someone put it in simple terms to set Isilo up to view documents in their table format.
    Thank you
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    Is there a good how to on iSiloX? A step-by-step instructions on how to install iSiloX and how to use it? I'd like to see the process before installing it and using it.

    yeah, i wrote that ...
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    Originally posted by namja
    Is there a good how to on iSiloX? A step-by-step instructions on how to install iSiloX and how to use it? I'd like to see the process before installing it and using it.
    I can't think of any but I can give you one

    I am assuming that you have installed it and know where to launch it (if not thats okay, just go to and download the latest beta, 3.11). Ask it to open after downloading follow the instructions. Don't worry about the fact that it is a beta, it's alright. As a second beta, it is very stable and will make sure you you have all the latest bug fixes. Double click on the shortcut on your desktop and you are ready to go. Okay, once you get into Isilox, you will want to get started right away in creating documents. The file we are going to create in this example is a copy of, a complete Timeline of the Universe and the World from the Big Bang to Feb. 28, 2002. To create it, go Document -> Add. A new dialog box should come up asking for a new to your new document. Let's type in "History of the World" (w/o the quotation marks). Click Next. This brings up the URL Source dialog box. Click on the Add URL/File. . . command button. Type in the URL, (NO www with this particular page). Click next. Now this file is kinda big so I hope you have a memory card, i.e. Memplug or Flash Adapter, and a card reader (or a sony clie). By big I mean in the neighborhood of 14 MB. Anyways, tell it to save to a file rather than install it directly to your palm which it will do by default. Where it has your user name, bring down that menu and select "Select a user name" and in the bottom menu, browse to the directory you want to save it to. Finally tell it not to convert after clicking done (the check box at the bottom of the dialog box). For most documents you can do that, but we want to look at the advanced options. What else we can do with it. Click done. In the main window, click on the entry of the document you are about to create. Go to Document -> Properties. This brings up the Properties dialog box. As you can see there are a lot of properties you can set. Have a look around. I am not going to have you set all of them so you may want to experiment with some of the ones I have talked about. After you are done looking at the adjustable properties, click on the images tab. This document is already a behemoth, we don't want to make it bigger by including images. Plus the websites meat and potatoes is text. Images are really required. So tell it not to include images by deselecting the Include Images check box. No go to the Links tab. First, the entire document can be reached in 2 links to tell it that by increasing the maximum link depth to 2. Also, many of the off site links from the first page are large and extraneous so lets get rid of them. Deselect Follow Off-site links. Finally, since there might be quite a few links we can choose in Isilo, deselect the Include Unresolved Link Detail check box. That way we won't see them as links. The last one we are going to play around with is to make Named Anchors bookmarks. So go to the Bookmarks tab. Click on the Generate Bookmarks from Named Anchors check box. Then select the All option button.
    We are done playing with the properties. Now click OK and lets create the document. Select History of the World in the main window. The two red and blue icons in the Toolbar should now be available. Click the first one (if you don't have a memory card like a SD/MMC, MS, SM, or CF or you don't have a cable connection, don't bother, it will take to long to create and/or you won't have enough space. This will be 14 MB. This was really only intended to be an example on how to create a document. Otherwise, you have a really nice and complete timeline of the world that will amaze then annoy your friends). The second button is for converting all the documents in the current file. It will take a while depending on your connection. Once done you can save it to a memory card. For most small document, and you chose to hotsync it directly to your Visor, then it will tell you to hotsync. To save your setting, go to File -> Save, and put in a file name. Click Save and you are done.

    I hope this helped you learn the basics of creating Isilo documents. After initially creating the setting, you can create all your documents with one tap of the mouse. Hopefully, not the one I just shown you.

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    But can people get it to work from behind a firewall? My avantgo works - but if I copy the settings from my internet explorer to i-silo, it can't get to the web.

    Ideas anyone???


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