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    Nice packaging, easiest setup I have ever encountered (even after a brutal hangover) not one hitch. That in itself is glory. I look forward to going to DC this weekend and take advantage of the unlimited weekend calling w/VS. ooops should have ordered that car kit...
    Consumption dicates wisely. or Die.
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    It's nice isn't it...

    I am having trouble with my data connections in Dallas area. I am also going to Balt/DC area this weekend and am hopeful that that change of area will do the trick. I hope it is not a bad Treo. I am on my second already.

    If you are able to connect to an ISP while you are in DC area, can you please post and let me know? If you are successful and I am not, then I know it is problem with my phone. Thanks.
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    maybe it's the ISP.
    Not all ISPs are alike. It's entirely possible that the modems one ISP uses for dialup users is different than another ISP. Even in this day and age, some modems just don't like to talk to each other. Have you dialed into the same phone number that others have had success with?

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    Ya I've tried 3 different ISPs. Thank you though.

    I have tried UUnet, Earthlink, and Surfbest. Tried different numbers across the US too.

    It was working perfectly for 5 days, then nothing. VOicestream has made it a "critical" repair issue for the wireless data support group.

    I appreciate any other thoughts and options.
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    Yes email works well, i use compuserve for palm. what works fine is synchronisatin with now upto date & contact under mac osx. and sms becomes great too writing with graffiti is real easy, i use it since i got my first pda which was then called pilot.
    i cant wait for the color treo, whereas i am a little worried about battery capacity.
    Geneva Switzerland

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