By BobbyMike
[IYou've forgotten Opie and Aunt Bea? Why I was speaking of the Andy Griffith Show! (KC, If you know not what I speak of, ask your parents, you're probably just too young to have ever seen that show)
no, no, no, no! I was saying I don't know of any TV shows here in South Carolina. Of course, I am quite familiar with Andy, Opie, Barney, Goober, Gomer, Aunt Bea, Otis, Floyd, etc.

Besides, BobbyMike, as I think I recall from previous postings, you and I are not too terribly far apart in age.

By Yorick
Actually I don't think it was based on an actual town. The Andy Girffith Show (later Mayberry RFD) was one of CBS' rural comedies of the 1960's, which was built around Griffith's hayseed persona.
I have always heard that it was based on a town in North Carolina--I can't remember which one right now. Not Ashville, Mt. Airy maybe? Brevard??

Favorite Andy Griffith in real life:
Several years ago on fun trip to NY with some friends, we were waiting in line to go to top of Empire State Bldg. One of the girls (a real nut) snatches up the phone next to us in line (some type of in-house deal with no buttons or dial) and says in her best Barney Fife voice "Hello, Sarah? Patch me through to Mt. Pilot..."

what it was, was football,