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    I was using a hands-free car kit with my Motorola phone. It is really the only
    way to drive half-way safely and speak at the same time. The Motorola kit
    was built really well, not like some of these kits that I have seen that just
    plug into the cigarette lighter. It had a speaker that mounted under the dash,
    and a microphone above the windshield. A real quality job.

    SO, I really would like to be able to purchase one for the Treo. Does anyone
    know who may be making one. A web search bore no fruit. Maybe someone
    wants to make some money making one for me (and for others). I would pay
    good money for one!


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    Can't you use the speakerphone mode?
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    Good idea Jeff. I will try it. I suspect that the clarity may not be there, but sure worth a try.



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