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    I recently purchased a memplug with 32MB card and I have a digital camera. Can I load images to my visor dx???
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    I know that there is a free photoalbum app on Handspring's site that allows you to put digital images on your computer onto your handspring via hot sync.

    Try this link .
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    I tried that app but it would not display pictures because visor dx only had 2-color grayscale. Any other suggestions?
  4. #4 is a good place to start, I've converted .jpg and can view them on my VDX.

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    SplashPhoto will also work for you- the desktop application part will find the photos on your computer and convert them to various B&W or color options. You can also crop and do a little editing to the photo before converting it.-

    SplashPhoto also works with the MemPlug so you can store your photos on the card (see for more on this).

    SplashPhoto is not freeware, but it is one of the few commercial pieces I actually have used in the long haul.
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    Album to Go should also work I think. It is free and you can grt it sat
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    I used a Visor Deluxe with a MemPlug CF adapter. I used SplashPhoto for viewing pictures. MemPlug's VFS manager supports SplashPhoto. It's very easy to move photo's to the card and access them directly with SplashPhoto.
    Warning: Viewing your photos in black and white encourages to switch to a Prism......It happened to me..;-)

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