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    Just updated to QuickOffice 5.6.4. In addition to adding FontBuckets from HandsHigh to QuickWord, it also has added a smaller Thesaurus and Spell Checker with a dictionary that can be customized.

    On this forum, it seems that most use WordSmith, but now QuickWord, and the benefit of QuickOffice as one package, may be an option.
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    I upgraded to Quickoffice from Quicksheet since I needed a word processor for occasional use. Price was right at $15.00.

    However, it loads slow because of loading the spelling dictionary. There should be an option to load the dictionary only when you want to check spelling.
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    I also purchased the Quickoffice "suite" after trying the demo.
    The price seemed good. I was also underwhelmed by the load time of Quickword on a Visor Deluxe. Maybe they should remove the "Quick" from Quickword. Quicksheet on the other hand seems to load at a normal speed.

    After I posted this, I sent an email to makers of Quickoffice, Cutting Edge, and they responded fairly quickly.
    They suggested removing:
    These are fairly large files (200k +) so it makes sense that they could slow things down.
    I removed these files, and Quickword now load much faster.

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