I am getting ready to make the move from 755P to the Pre. I have tested the Pre on my back up phone number. Now ready to move contacts and Memo's over using the utility provided by Pre--than use Google and Pre's back up services. Still bummed Pre doesn't back up everything on phone but counts on me (business guy) to be a Geek and figure out my own back up strategy. Palm cloud scary since don't know if there until you need to restore.

In any case, very easy to forward my calls from 755P (biz line) to Pre. I went into the screen on treo with the phone numbers, clicked on sprint, clicked on options and then clicked on phone preferences--added new Pre and it worked Great. If you don't change default VM, then your other number will be said to the callers. Just thought I could help since I could not find this anywhere on how to do this on SPrint's site. Curious what will happen when I call Sprint once Pre stable with my contacts etc that I want to go to my biz line. Sprint says my ID with backup will be same so no problem--everything should be on phone and back up to Palm site continue. As I mentioned also using Google since don't trust Palm to back up my stuff. I guess Google is OK. No other choice and not installing Preware or Homebrew yet.