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    Since 2/22/02 I've been browsing but then today it stopped working. I've reinstalled the software but the "My Wireless Connection" will no longer work. If someone else is using that connection...please let me know what is the phone number you have in the preferences box for the network setting.
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    I am on Cingular and my ISP is Earthlink therefor the phone number in the Network preferences is my Earthlink local dial up number.

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    I have been using Wireless Window on Cingular too and have found that sometimes it simply won't connect. My theory is that any given tower allows a finite number of connections and if they are all being used you are out of luck. I have had entire days when I could not connect from home anf then I wake up the next day and *bang!* I'm back in. I think it is a limitation of the existing network. Hopefully GPRS won't have these issues!
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    Thank you for replying. I think that perhaps Cingular does go out for a bit.....but since my original post I read someones post about using ISPs using the following script at+cbst=0,0,1;
    That solution worked perfectly! I had to set it up under the "connections" preference...I created a New Configuation...Called it my ISP name...Connection method "Auto Detect to Modem>> Dialing TouchTone>>Volume Low Then I clicked on Details and pasted at+cbst=0,0,1; into the init string ...and now I'm a happy surfer! Thank you whoever posted that init string!

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