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    Following is the message that I have sent to Handspring: I will be pleased to answer any question that anyone might have. I am using California Cingular.


    Dear people at Handspring.

    I received my Treo 180 couple of day ago and wanted you to know that it exceeds all my expectations. I was worried that the email and web browsing would not work with Cingular's Wireless Internet Package, the one with no 15 cents per minute charge. It works beatifully! Attention has obviousely been paid to every detail, from the feel of the keyboard to the function of the contacts list. Knowing when the mltipurpose keys are probably meant to be numeric, and when they are probably meant to be alphabetic is very well done.

    I am very pleased!

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    Originally posted by Stan
    ...I was worried that the email and web browsing would not work with Cingular's Wireless Internet Package, the one with no 15 cents per minute charge. ...
    Does the Wireless Internet Package have a monthly charge? I thought it was around $5. Perhaps confirm or deny this?
    Experience is what happens when something unexpected comes up.
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    It is $6.99 here in California.

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    So when you access the internet with your Treo, do you actually perform a 'dial-up' process? That is, is there a dial-up number that you call? I ask because I'm thinking about switching to the Wireless Internet Package and doing away with my 'data access' service, i.e. $0.15/minute. I have Earthlink as my ISP. Thanks.
    Experience is what happens when something unexpected comes up.
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    No dial up required here in CA with Cingular. No 15 cents charge. I love it! I do not even HAVE the data service. My ISP is earthlink and the email works perfectly well and transparently using the supplied "One Touch" software.

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    I have to be a cynic here.

    You are pleased with spending for the data
    package, that as I understand it, is really aimed
    at GPRS which the Treo currently doesn't support
    and won't support until Handspring release a patch slated sometime in the next 3 months?

    This is one of my hesitations with getting a Treo
    because neither VoiceStream nor Cingular have honestly made the distinction between MODEM DIALUP SERVICE via an ISP of your choice
    vs. GPRS based services which is what Istream
    and the Data Services seem to be.

    Now, because I am only slightly less confused about this than most, but still confused, I don't see why anyone would be pleased by being screwed where they don't consider it normal to be screwed (I mean this in a very liberal, open, pc kind of way)....

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    It sounds like I did not make my point well! I am NOT paying 15 cents per minute. I am NOT using Data Service. I AM using my own ISP. And that is why I AM happy!

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    I'm confused. I'm still waiting for my treo but from what I understand as a VS customer, data services are automatically enabled on my account. Which to me means I can use my own ISP and connect to the internet using my own included minutes. VS iStream and Cingular's GPRS services aren't required right? At such point in time that the GPRS software patch is available then treo users can take advantage of GPRS capability. I realize from some of the postings that some people are paying for these services(GPRS) but I for one am hoping to not have to pay for these until I can really take advantage of "always on" GPRS. Am I wrong?
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    I can only speak to Cingular here in California.

    I subscribe to their Wireless Internet Service, not their data service (which would be 15 cents per minute) and all minutes come out of my huge 3500 minute pool. Cingular here is GSM.

    Stan (I am leaving now for the weekend)
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    Sparkle, you're right. I have Voicestream, and NOT istream. I connect just fine through my ISP or using Voicestream's own ISP number. You have to dial into the ISP, and the minutes just show up as regular cell phone minutes. I don't even think Voicestream knows I am making a data call or not.
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    I connect to my own ISP and haven't had any issues. My carrier is voicestream, and they don't seem to differentiate between voice calls and data calls unless you buy the optional data package.

    The network prefs transferred over from my visorphone when I hotsync'd. The only thing I had to change was under connection type - I had to change from standard modem to wireless modem. I check my internet email by using the Yahoo mobile portal to check all mail.

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