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    I just found out I have $150 to use on software/expansion for my visor deluxe. I work as an elementary school counselor and high school soccer coach. I plan to purchase dataviz' documents to go so I can sync microsoft word and excel files. Any suggestions on other cool software/expansion?
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    I got Docs to Go when there wasn't much competition. Still use it since I do not need a good word processor on the Visor.
    Got Quicksheet since I use a spreadsheet a lot on the Visor.

    Suggest you get Wordsmith and Quicksheet.

    If you need a database, ThinkDB is a good choice.

    Search the discussion threads for these products for other user opinions.
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    I second the wordsmith idea.

    In my opinion its the best word proccesor out there and it is really good for memos too. The support is good and it's constantly being updated.
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    I'm a network tech for a public school district. If (as a counselor)you use "Easy Grade Pro" on your PC, you may want the "EGP Clipboard" application for your Visor.

    There are some half-decent apps for team sports that may work for your coaching needs. Check for that.

    The "Intellisync" app may be useful to sync your Visor to your school's e-mail system.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. Here's what I went with:

    Wordsmith Pro $29.95
    Tiny Sheet (because I don't use excel much) $19.95
    Memplug with compact flash adaptor $49.99 plus $24 for flash card
    Goalstats Pro for keeping soccer stats (awesome!) $29.95

    Please see my new question about images


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