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    The folks at Hands High have been doing their best to help me, but so far a solution has eluded us.
    I have created the odd memo with the built-in app, and for some reason Memo Plus doesn't see them if I try to access them from that app.
    Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated.
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    This might be drastic..but this should fix it:

    1. Hotsync your Visor to backup your data.

    2. Hard Reset it.

    3. Remove your backup folder (usually in C:/Program Files/Palm or Handspring/UserName. Drag it to desktop..dont delete

    4. Set your conduits to "Desktop Overwrites Handheld" and hotsync to retrieve your data.

    5. Install your apps again.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it.
    In the end I was able to get almost everything on my desktop back into Memo+.
    I found copies of the Memo+ programme and data files in my Palm/Archives folder and deleted them, then reinstalled the software on my VDx. All the text memos now appear in both the ROM MemoPad and Memo+. But I lost my drawings.
    I guess I learned why in most troubleshooting procedures, one of the first steps is "make a copy of ..." before deleting anything.
    It looks most likely that by backing up MemoDB on my InnoPak 2V module that I created a duplicate of the database, and Memo+ was not getting updated properly in hotsyncs.

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