Sup, first time post here. I have an AT&T 680 and someone who I'm sure meant well "upgraded" the ROM on it to Treo680-2.12-APR which won't work with an AT&T simcard. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been unlocked but I don't think it matters.

The Treo currently has a Cingular SIM card that I believe doesn't work, it's just a dummy card. It reports that the phone is off.

I want to just change it to the most recent AT&T version from Palm, just to get it working, and when I use the memory card method I get "The updater is not compatible with this device"

I've searched for that phrase and it's not a very common issue. I'm guessing it's because the device already has a higher version of the ROM installed. Or is it something else?

I'm using the memory card method because all three of the computers to which I have easy access are Vista. I figure I could try to get a hold of an XP computer but I'd like to check to see if it's work inconveniencing someone by installing all kinds of apps on their computer. I reckon there's also probably a file I can tweak before I stick the SD card into the Treo that would allow the update to proceed so I figured I'd ask here about the best way to proceed.