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    Has anyone found any screen protectors for the 180g?

    I may try to trim down one from my old Visor, but I would rather find one that fits.
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    I trimmed down my Wright Right for color pdas. I got the fit right, and it works ok. I wonder if the b/w version of screen protectors will work better on the Treo 180.
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    The monochrome screen protector with make the display cloudy..dont want that. I am using the clear one for color screens. I just measured it up and cut it out...wasn't that difficult. I hope that they decide to build one specific for the Treo soon hough.
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    I have the Nushield screen protector and it works just fine. They have one size that fits all Visor products except Edge. The film is not sticky and it fits between the screen and the case. The special optic coating takes care of the blury newton rings.

    I've had it since November and it still looks as good as new.

    Check it out at

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