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    Last night my treo was working fine, but this morning when i try to dial a call it just goes to air sounds and doesn't connect. When i call it from another phone, it rings but when i answer it doesn't connect. I called ATT they say no outage. There are lots of bars and the radio part is turned on. I've turned the radio on and off.. no help. I've also taken the battery out.. No help. This is my only home phone and my only means of making long distance calls at home and at work.. Any suggestions.. has my beloved treo gone brick on me?
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    try a soft reset, and if that fails do a hard rest.
    the hard reset will erase all of your info, so hotsync it or backup the data to a card before doing the hard reset.
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    Thanks Carlos .. i came back from lunch and its working.. but i'm not feeling very trusting.. I will remember your advice if it happens again..

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