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    Hello, everyone.
    I am still using 680 - it fits my needs best even today. I always had a problem with Beyond Contacts ("BC") Calendar crashing on 680 (never crashed 650) however, and finally decided to post.
    I use both 3.0082 and 3.0083. 3.0082 crashes less frequently whereas 3.0083 crashed consistently once a day, usually around 8-9 am, sometimes later. Error is "MemoryMgr .c. Line:3035 Chunk over-locked: every single time.
    When I hard-reset the 680 and only install BC, it may not crash for a month but it will start crashing absolutely always, sooner or later.
    Often it is a simple reset but once in a while, it loses entire BC Calendar data (not others of BC, i.e., BC' Contacts/Tasks/Notes).
    I have tried not installing other software, different setup within Beyond Contacts, contacting Dataviz, cleaning up Outlook data for reminders and others, etc., etc. to no avail. I have 4 680s, all factory unlocked, 1 US, 3 ROW. Results are always identical.
    At this point, I must assume there is a bug in the Beyond Contacts for 680 application only (as BC never ever crashes on my old 650, regardless of setup, other software, etc.).
    Do any of you experience the same? Since I can replicate the identical result no matter how I set up 680 (4 of them at that), I am having a tough time thinking this is an isolated case.
    If this is a bug, I doubt Dataviz will be updating this ever, so I may need to seek an alternative. Main reason I chose Beyond Contacts was its ability to sync with all fields of Outlook. Is there any others that can do that? Built-in Contacts fails here.
    Thank you for your input in advance.
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    Hi all -
    Found the culprit: Automatic time/date/zone set was crashing BC Calendar. When auto set is turned off, my 680 almost never crashes. When on, it crashes BC Calendar daily. So, it is a compatibility issue to me and I need to find a replacement for Beyond Contacts then. KeySuite, maybe.
    Thank you.

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